Ripten Previews: EA's Latest iPhone Goodies: Spore Origins and Scrabble Bonjour

Ripten writes: "EA was showing off four iPhone games yesterday at their Studio Showcase, and while two of them (Tetris and Sudoku) are already available, the upgrade to Scrabble, Scrabble Bonjour, and Spore Origins are still forthcoming. Read on for our hands-on impressions.

Spore Origins

Honestly, I'm not sure why this is necessary, but here it is. Spore Origins is basically a version of the swimming around, eating things stage of Spore that uses both the tilt and touch mechanics of the iPhone. Tilting, of course, is used to control your swimming blob of a creature, and aim at anything smaller than you to gobble it up. You can also collect little power up orbs like poison, which sickens anything that tries to eat you."

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