Player-created DUST514 Trailer Calls For EVE:Phoenix

DUST514 players create EVE:Phoenix trailers as part of their #PortDUST514 campaign.

Since the announcement of the DUST514 sequel EVE:Legion by CCP Games at FanFest 2014, there has been an almost eerie silence about the project from the game’s creators. Domains and trademarks were registered, and later left expired, for the EVE:Legion brand, and the player base was left watching as no actual news or progress updates were given by CCP, even at the various player-gatherings or CCP’s own FanFest 2015.

The players of DUST514, both past and current, have rallied under a banner, #PortDUST514, led by Ripley Riley, and are using this hashtag on social media to highlight that there is still a desire for a sequel or a port of the game to a more recent platform than the Playstation 3.
Most recently, this has resulted in the players creating propaganda posters and “memes”, and even voiced trailers, for what they themselves have named EVE:Phoenix.

The player Pokey Dravon, with the help of several other players, created this trailer for the campaign.

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