Top 10 Most Wanted Games on the PSP

Thanks to titles like God of War: Chains of Olympus, and Monster Hunter 2 the PSP has proven that it can be a demand-able portable console even after three years since its release. The sales charts have shown it, and the gaming crowd have proven it, but it gets me wondering what else does the PSP have in store for us? I took at look at future games to be released for the PSP, and the list got me worried. The list contained a few promising titles such as Valhalla Knights 2, as well as Buzz Master Quiz, but nothing from the list seemed to shout out as a PSP hit. We do have one title set for release next year that could bring new life into our beloved portable system. Announced at E3 this year Resistance Retribution is set to bring its chimera invasion onto the PSP in third person perspective. While it's great to see Insomniac one again coming back to the system we need more triple A titles like these to show audiences that the PSP is no system to be messed with. GameXtract has created a list of the top ten most wanted titles that we feel would make the PSP a hit in the months to come.

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TheSmartestXboxOwner3740d ago

wow,so that what psp look like,i bot a 360,i wrong,playstation 3 is wat i 360 not showing me 3 light.they r red in color

Carbide73740d ago

You are indeed the smartest xbox owner I've seen,lol

ScottEFresh3740d ago

lmao @ the Xtoast360 picture

thekingofMA3739d ago

while i don't own a PSP, that's what i expected the article/list to be about

instead, it was just "this franchise that franchise that mediocre franchise nom nom nom!

terrible article...

BlackCountryBob3740d ago

To me, this list shows how utterly clueless many of the video game press are. The PSP was released and was swamped by poor conversions and shallow tie ins of PS2 games for which it was rightly criticised. So then they start to work on new unique IP for the console like Crush, Lumines, LocoRoco and Echochrome which are brilliant in many cases but now this site seems to be wanting every single IP ever on any console to get some kind of PSP port.

The PSP has a bright future while developers focus on making unique and enjoyable games which are created specially to suit the PSPs audience and capabilities; if developers move back to the previously unsuccessful approach of ports, conversions and general tat to exploit a fan favourite licence then it is dead as a viable platform and any PSP2 would seemingly suffer the same fate.

I have no problem with sequels, the PSP has some very good ones (Wipeout Fusion and Killzone liberation leap to mind) but really those franchise titles should only be appearing in the early days of a portables life to establish a market but after this it should be developing its own IP. The DS did similar, Mario Kart etc were in the first year or 2 but after that unique DS software like Brain Training have sustained it as a platform. The PSP needs more Brain Trainings and less generic racer/shooter #21 to thrive.

Rant end!

Revvin3740d ago

In some ways I agree but it wouldn't hurt Sony to build on IP they have particularly LBP, Motorstorm or Gran Turismo. LBP in particular could be a huge seller for the platform and establish an icon in the form of Sackboy to rival the likes of Mario and Sonic.

Coheno3740d ago

You've pretty much summed up everything i've been thinking but was too lazy to want to write.. thank you for that...bubbles to you!

SuperM3740d ago

I disagree. This is not about porting a game that has come out on ps2, ps3 or whatever, this is about creating unique games based on quality IP's. God of War CoO is a perfect example of such a game. Just because it is better to create a game that is built for the psp and not ported doesnt mean you cant use known IPs. I mean what are you thinking? Im sorry but your logic is twisted

Cajun Chicken3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

At the start of the PSP the tie ins were NOT shallow tie ins.

One of the first games Medievil Resurrection was a quality title, actually developed by more or less EXACTLY the same team as the original on PS1, but with slight changes.
Daxter is arguably, still the best PSP game on the market, why? Because the game had the spiritual feeling of a Jak and Daxter PS2 game, well, just without Jak and has the playability of a Jak game whilst serving the purpose of what happened between the gap of J&D and Jak2.
Ratchet and Clank Size Matters was brilliant as it shrunk down the 3rd person action and minigames as known in the series, having the same composer and vocal talent and some links from past games in the series and a warmup act for those of us wanting to get our hands on R&C:ToD.
From what I've seen, GoW: Chains of Olympus is another great game that managed to have the same spiritual feeling as the previous games on its older brother console, but cleverly serving as a prequel.
Even the GTA PSP games were excellent as the served exactly what you expected for a handheld 3D GTA game.

These are not ports, yes. they PLAY as you'd expect games in the franchises ports? No.
While we're also talking about 'ports' let me mention the success of the 'Collections' or old arcade and 16bit console ports from Capcom, Sega and EA. All brilliant games to have on the go with built in save features.
Whilst, yes. I agree that the PSP needs some new IP, but the sharing of franchises over multiple consoles, that's just brilliant.
I bought my PSP for the very fact I could have a handheld PS2 in my pocket and these games are serving the feeling very well, the Playstation brand has been all about constant action, excitement, total in your face...these types of games belong on it.

The PSP does not need quizzes, brain tutorials, minigame mania games, something original like Echochrome, LocoRoco and Patapon is welcome because each Playstation console has introduced new Ip and ways we play games. Its not the DS, its not the Gameboy, its a Playstation.
And yeah, some of the games in the article are damn right stupid to put on the PSP and not even directly associated with Playstation, but I'm all up for little versions of current PS3 ip. A Motorstorm based would be brilliant handheld and probably equally as great as Burnout Legends.
If you want a game that would work directly on PSP that would still be 'typically Playstation' I must mention 'Oddworld'.

And right now with the success of the PSP in Japan, we're currently getting NOTHING but RPG's, gimme something with fun and short bursts already!

Sorry for the rant here, but what #1 is mentioning is pretty much killing all that the brand Playstation means!

ZeroBlitz3739d ago

"The PSP needs more Brain Trainings and less generic racer/shooter #21 to thrive."

How about neither... the PSP doesn't need to become the target of shovelware.

Cheeseknight283739d ago

""The PSP needs more Brain Trainings and less generic racer/shooter #21 to thrive."

How about neither... the PSP doesn't need to become the target of shovelware. "

When he said it needs a game like Brain Age, he didn't mean that specificly - he meant a game that was as wildly successful and UNIQUE. Obviously, most of the above posters failed to catch that.

On another note, I expected this article to be about announced games... but what is there? Patapon 2, Locoroco 2, and KH: Birth by Sleep... that's it.

BlackCountryBob3739d ago

Wow, I didn't think I would incite such hostility. I want to clarify my statements and respond to the responses.

@1.1 - I see your argument and agree somewhat but I think of the nature of the games as making them worth a port. LBP IMHO looks a great game but its main selling point is its flexibility; I am not sure that the PSP can give he processing power to work out such complex physics or the UMD could store so much data. I fear a PSP LBP could be just a seriously limited iteration rather than something that does justice to the LBP name. For it to work properly it would need to be a straight 2D platformer minus the level editor and if that was the case it might as well just be a new platforming IP. Kinda the same for Gran Turismo and Motorstorm, I think if you take away the graphics and physics models then I feel that the essence which makes those games so well liked would be lost.

@1.3 - My point is that any existing IP has baggage, a Burnout game will always be a racer regardless of platform and because of this any game using that IP would have to in a certain way conform to the expectations of the fans based upon the previous games. Taking an existing IP and adapting it to fit the abilities of the PSP is a very different story to taking the abilities of a console and creating something new to use them well. I have nothing against using PS2/3 IP on the PSP but in most cases they will be pale imitations and lacking the things which made their big brothers so liked. There is much more to an IP than a character or a font on the box!

@1.4 - I cannot even respond to the rest of your post as your grammar and punctuation are so awful but I translated 1 thing;

"but what #1 is mentioning is pretty much killing all that the brand Playstation means!"

I must be using a different type of Playstation to you as you seem to be saying that the Playstation brand means sequels and tie-ins. Slly boy!

@1.6 - Thank you for being one of the few to actually understand my post, bubbles for you and 1.2.

In general, I have no problem with sequels as a matter of course but portable consoles need to be using new unique games after a certain point in their life; at 4 years old the PSP should have already got past the stage of needing to exploit existing IP to survive.

Cajun Chicken3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

You have no idea what exactly kept the 'Playstation' brand surviving for so long, what you basically summed up just then made no sense at all.

Look, I'll put it this way; People buy PSP/PS3 consoles for the previous Playstation ip and continuing franchises. As much as YOU like it or not, these franchises keep the PSP alive, new ips are a RISK.

A game with tried and tested gameplay mechanics such as the ones I mentioned and listed above (of which you chose to ignore) prove to other interested parties, publishers and developers just EXACTLY what can be done on PSP.

Your own grammar is incorrect too, mainly being the overuse of the words 'Sequels' and 'Tie ins' these words make no sense in the way you refer to them throughout your first comment.
However what you do refer to 'Sequels' and 'Tie Ins' are actually established intellectual property and incredibly successful franchises.

The PSP does NOT need Brain Training, minigames etc.
It needs NEW games by new developers attracted by what the PSP is capable of...which, coincidentally;
These 'Sequels' and 'Tie ins' as you insist calling them (Intellectual Property and Franchises) are the showcase to new developers and publishers what the PSP can do.

Simply, the more successful franchises and IP from Playstation consoles come to PSP, the better. Because in the long run, those games are going to prove the PSP is indeed worthy to create and publish games for.
New IP and franchises won't be made UNTIL developers and publishers see what the machine can do, which are what these 'sequels and tie ins' are doing, silly boy.

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Yi-Long3740d ago

... and not the 3d crappy '2d' games... but SPRITE-BASED 2D new sonic games. Been playing Sonic 1 and 2 on the PSP in that Genesis collection, and those are still just classic games.

This list is ridiculous btw. Skate on the PSP without a second analogue stick(!)

I'd like a good quality rally game on the PSP though. My favourite racing game (single-player) is Rallisport Challenge 2, which played and looked absolutely brilliant on the Xbox. Doubt it would ever happen though.

PSP is most suited for puzzlegames, RPG's, tennis and golf-games, etc.
Fast actiongames and shooters and other stuff that kinda requires a 2n analogue stick, doesnt really work well on the PSP.
Also not very interested in playing those games on the PSP. I'd rather play those on a console with a good controller.

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