ConsoleGaming's 10 Most Emotional Gaming Moments

Sick of mindless violence? Pumping endless rounds of bullets into what are essentially moving mannequins on call of duty online? Feel that you need to reconnect with your feminine side a little? Then take a break from the everyday obsessions with K/D ratios and lets try and warm those cold ConsoleGaming hearts of yours; with number 10 of ConsoleGamings' 10 most emotional gaming moments!

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THC CELL3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

i hate this ConsoleGamings site all the mods are born idle
and racist (my bad Edit)

i agree with the guy below me and the other thing that gets me when my modem cuts out

God i want to throw my xbox out the window

Ps3 runs great some small errors with mgo and thats that

AND when people End the Host in COD
Where the F**K do u live cause i will make u eat the game

Carbide73809d ago

you meant "born" right?

socomnick3809d ago

wtf are you talking about. English do you speak it ?

Mr PS33809d ago

Has got to be the No1 Console Gaming's Most Emotional Gaming Moment !!!
I mean it's Emotional for Everybody

Picture this
You got a Dumb Bot just loaded up Halo 3 when it first came out
After all the months of Hype and build up
The moment is finally here
He watch's the opening cut Scene
Drop's ingame
Fire's his first Shot
And Then

I mean what Emotion's would be flowing through the Bot right there
I'd like to bet he dont feel too good
And me
Well i would Be laughing my ass off
What Great Emotions they would be
And there a many Stories like this

And i say Thank you to The RRoD
For The Best Emotional Moments in Gaming

TheSmartestXboxOwner3809d ago

omg you are smart,i thot i was smart,i need ps3 now,my 360 is showing me 3 red lightssss,microsoft told me it is a nice thing it does,so i m happy i m smart,i want LBP,gears scare me,big men not good for my brainsss wihich is so smart,it help me buy 360,360 mede me smaaart

reincarnated3809d ago

Metal Gear Solid is Clearly the most emotional.........

UnSelf3809d ago

idk, i find DMC's storylines (particularly 3 and 4) very emotional.

Nero: "I SWEAR IT!!! I SWEAR IMA GET U OUTTA HERE KEIRE!!! KEIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ;

if u guys still have it watch the Final Trailer for DMC4 DLed from the PSN. the way they piece it together is almost betta than the actual way is plays through in the actual game

sumfood4u3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

FFVII Aires Death should be number 1. an it was followed by
Super Metroid SNES, Suikoden II, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vandal Hearts 1 & 2, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Breath of Fire III an Gauntlet when you ate the poision chicken! don't forget Sonic the Hedgehog drowning

LeonSKennedy4Life3808d ago

I agree completely.

DMC 3 & 4 are some of the most emotional/well written games ever made.

ferdus-hutki-shira3809d ago

I cried playing Final Fantasy X

no game has ever made me cry

I also cried of shock playing FF12 becuase of how bad it was, for a final Fantasy game??????!!!!!!

Max Power3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

to an extent, can't say i was happy with the gambits system,nothing like running around and "fighting" monsters and do nothing.

m91058263808d ago

I enjoyed XII a lot more when I stopped thinking of it as a FF game, and just as a new RPG. Made the experience a lot more fun.

Bon Scott3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

losing Final Fantasy exclusivity

TheSmartestXboxOwner3809d ago

wat is a driod? soudnds ccool,you have 360? i have 360...thatz y i am smart,but i dontt want FF13 on ittt.i am tooo smat,13 discs will be too expensice for a smart xbox 360 owner like me,so i want ps3 version,,,,

pwnsause3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Most Emotional:
Too Human getting a 6.75 from Game Informer, oh the Horror, the horror...

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