Fans’ Intense Love For Fallout: New Vegas Must Be Weird For People At Bethesda

Picture this. You spend years putting together a massive, ambitious RPG. After countless hours of hard work, you release your baby out into the public. Curious to see what people think, you start looking around the internet...only to see a small but vocal chunk of your fanbase wishing someone else had made your game.

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DarkOcelet2141d ago

Fallout New Vegas was excellent. The only thing that was bad about it is the stupid bugs at launch. Other than that, it was awesome.

Killz4Twinkies2141d ago

Took everything that was great from Fallout 3 and improved on pretty much all of it

DarkOcelet2141d ago

Its weird that i felt like Bethesda is trying to bury New Vegas as if it didn't exist.

I mean in Fallout Shelter, you can see they have only added character from Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 but didn't put anyone from New Vegas.

And they didn't even talk about it at all when they were promoting Fallout 4, they talked about Fallout 3 only.

Its a shame because New Vegas was an excellent sequel .

SolidStoner2140d ago

Fallout new Vegas was the closest it can get to Fallout 2! And Hardcore die hard Fallout fans knows that!

Fallout 4 could have take the crown but dialogues and linear missions with no choice/consequence killed it (it is a superb game in the end) its just not that kind of Fallout we waited for...

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-Foxtrot2141d ago (Edited 2141d ago )

Only thing I didn't like is how the factions meant you could accidentally lock yourself out of missions for certain factions. Especially the spilt multipath ending.


This is something Fallout 4 did and honestly it doesn't work since there is some people who like to do everything and also collect everything in the game. People shouldn't be locked out of special weapons or perks because they can only pick one path.

There should always be a way to do everything with enough Charisma. Like in Fallout 4 getting Maxson exiled by showing the Brotherhood that the Institute is not the enemy and they are wasting their time with the Railroad or making the Railroad see how with you now the Leader of the Institute that it will now change. Also show them that freeing synths to lead peaceful lifes is not what always happens, the rouge synth that became a murderous raider leader at them that their actions have consequences.

While I'm talking about them both, Fallout New Vegas had some great Unique Weapons to find...Fallout 4 has some really shit unique weapons where most of them could easily be legendary pick ups or stuff you could make at the work bench. Hell most of them you have to buy at Vendors.

DarkOcelet2141d ago

That was the only downside in New Vegas. I wanted to do many factions quests. I really hate choosing a side.

Although i used to exploit some stuff, like for instance, i remember Ceasar Legion wanted me to bring him some NCR Dog tags so i sneak and go kill many of the NCR to get the tags.

I wish there were more exploits like that.

-Foxtrot2141d ago

See exploits are good and I did the same with the Dog Tag quest but I kept thinking "This is an RPG I shouldn't have to do this".

I shouldn't be scared to play the game incase I accidentally p*** off the wrong person.

I mean if you could get past everything with a high charisma, luck and some perks or even by going through some long tough missions I would be happy I had the choice.

I remember the exploit in Fallout 3 where you could hang on until you got the Broken Steel DLC perks which raise all your SPECIAL stats to 9 and THEN get the bobble heads maxing everything out to 10.

Even had to exploit some unique weapons by doing some pickpocketing.

Fallout 4 was great but it didn't have that Spark. I honestly think the random weapon thing spoilt the unique weapon collecting. Hell there was only a few guns like the Broadsider and the Deliverer which looks different in appearance

sullynathan2140d ago

Then that's your problem. This is an rpg, one that prides itself on reactivity. It's not a Bethesda game.

You should know that siding with one group won't allow you to do something with another. New vegas was not the first game to make this.

-Foxtrot2140d ago

So it's my problem that I can't talk my way out of situations and because of how much I've put into my skills can not talk factions down to resolve things in the way I want

No it's bad developing, it's a game about choices, where is the choice for a more peaceful approach. Most of the decisions are made for you in the game and it's not fun when you don't want to go down those paths.

fsdgf2140d ago

New Vegas isn't a game where you can do everything, just like a lot of the older RPGs.
Your choices have consequences, and the world adapts around them in a way that makes sense. The NCR aren't going to ask a guy who was helping out the Legion to protect their President from assassination and give him complete access to Hoover Dam, just like how they aren't going to want Mr House sitting around waiting for them to fight off the Legion. To get rid of that stuff just so you can see all the content in a single play-through just cheapens the whole experience and destroys the uniqueness of faction. It completely devalues any impact your choices would have until the final level.

sullynathan2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

@Foxtrot lol what? This isn't a Bethesda game where you can be the leader of every faction and Beth trying and failing at copying New Vegas in Fallout 4 again shows their incompetence.

No, you should not be able to talk your way out of every single instance nor should you be able to talk your way out of locked content.

There's a thing called reactivity. You do one thing and it leads to another, one group likes it the other doesn't, both groups won't allow you to eat your cake and have it.

Do something that benefits the NCR and don't be puzzled when Caesar's Legion doesn't like it and won't allow you to talk your way out of things.

It's an rpg for gods sake, just because you're accustomed to doing everything in one playthrough in other games doesn't mean it will fly here.

Porcelain_Chicken2140d ago

"So it's my problem that I can't talk my way out of situations and because of how much I've put into my skills can not talk factions down to resolve things in the way I want?"

Yes. We gotta stop meeting like this! :D

The way I see this is exactly the way I see the article we had up yesterday. An opinion piece on how all games should be forced to have a difficulty option. A developer's creativity should never be forced to do anything! It's how you end up with a jumbled mess of ideas like the new Fantastic Four movie. If the developers feel that their game should be played with a certain difficulty, or the game be incredibly linear or incredibly open thence strongly feel they should have the ability to do so. How would Uncharted be improved with a forced crushing difficulty as a default?! How would God of War be improved from having multiple story paths?

Honestly they wouldn't. Both of those series were meant to be played as they are and they are perfect as is.

-Foxtrot2140d ago

Are you guys for talk about how it's an RPG and about choices yet the fact we DON'T get a choice in an RPG game to resolve things peacefully and let our hard work of having enough skills, perks and the like achieve this is ridiculous

Difficulty options are not the same as having an RPG game about morale choices lacking obvious choices which would reward highly skilled players

There should always be a choice for a player to use their skills to achieve the best possible outcome of them all.

I'm not saying let people willy nilly let things resolve themselves so they can get everything, it should be for people who are cunning enough and know the game well enough to actually pull it off...the hardest thing of them all.

Porcelain_Chicken2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Difficulty options are the same thing in this example. If a developer wants you to play a game with a specific story path in mind or a specific difficulty then that isn't a fault. That's a creative choice. Can you imagine playing InFAMOUS2 and doing both the bad aaaand the good ending simultaneously! That would be preposterous! And would ruin both experiences for the sake of fulfilling some form of A.D.D.

Also what you are saying sounds more like a cheat code if I'm being honest. Convince The Brotherhood to exile Maxon and drop everything?! I know you can become a silver tounged sob but that would be ridiculous. During the Paladin Danse mission. You know the one, while talking to Danse the most you can get him to do is to let Danse live at that point in time. The Brotherhood is founded on the very idea of parted ting mankind from technology gone bad. There was no stopping them. The random Prydwen initiates say it themselves. If Maxson wanted to lead a charge to the gates of hell, I'd be the first to kick em open. You often hear them speak out about how weak a leader Lyons was compared to Maxon. They idolize Maxon and if Maxon's mind is set, no amount of charisma skill should cause them to simply drop everything and leave. Even Danse wanted to die after finding out. Took him being a Synth and heavily convincing about his past to get him to come around.

As for the Railroad, highly doubt any sort of linguistic skill would cause The Institue to to conform to The Railroads ways. That also seems like a cheap cheat code for a happy ending or something.

Another thing I just noticed, you felt as though the Institue were not the bad guys. I did. That was the beauty of how everything worked. Personal perception. I felt lie each had strong points but I was ultimately swayed to choose The Railroad. I felt like they were the lesser of 3 evils. I couldn't care less about The Brotherhood.

fsdgf2140d ago

You do get a choice though. You can choose one of the four routes and have to deal with the fact that it will ruin your reputation with the other factions.

It's entirely up to the player as to what content they get to see or not

sullynathan2139d ago

@Foxtrot You'd be wrong again.
You've gotta be kidding me if you seriously believe New Vegas, a game about factions and the politics between multiple factions in a reactive world needs to have one ultimate option that gives the "best option".
No, you have the problem here.

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TwoForce2141d ago

I agree. Even i do enjoy Fallout 4, but New Vegas is something more.

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cyber_daemonx2141d ago

New Vegas was no way better than F3 or F4.

Get real lol

sullynathan2140d ago

Not sure why it would be weird. New vegas was made by obsidian and has more in common with fallout 1 & 2 than fallout 3 ever did so of course actual fallout fans will like it more than Bethesda's Fallouts. It's also a better game

ThunderPulse2140d ago

When I think of Fallout New Vegas still comes to mind 1st since it was just so much fun.

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