5 Great Looking PS4 Exclusive 2016 Games No One is Watching

UpItHQ writes: "There is no doubt that the PS4 exclusive 2016 games lineup is one to brag about. With popular games like Uncharted 4 and The Last Guardian claiming the spotlight there are still plenty of PS4 exclusive 2016 games that are coming out with little hype. Needless to say all games deserve a little attention, I mean they are here to bring gamers entertainment right? These 5 PS4 exclusive 2016 games are deserving of all the attention they have and then some. Step aside Uncharted, The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet and Clank; it’s about time to honor these PS4 exclusive games of 2016 in every way they deserve."

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DirtyPete1057d ago

I don't care for Drawn to Death. Love the concept of the game but I hate that it is a worthy title of attention but its multiplayer only. That disappoints me. Such a cool idea being in a kids notebook but sucks they didn't finish the game by adding more than one game mode. Either or its free-to-play so there's not much more that could be complained about it.

WoshJills1057d ago

Just because it's multiplayer-only doesn't mean the game is incomplete. As long as the artists intended for it from the start, then they executed on it properly.

See: Team Fortress 2 by Valve vs. Portal 2 by Valve (both are great games.)

Germany71057d ago

Didn't know about Boundless.

Rimeskeem1057d ago

You are basically a Ballerina that dances and does platforming stuff. It's actually really cool and a unique idea. The demo at PSX was fluid and beautiful.

Germany71057d ago

I think that you are talking about "Bound", a new exclusive for PS4 made by Santa Monica and Plastic Studios.

Boundless is another game, looks like a "Minecraft sandbox" game.

Rimeskeem1057d ago

Son of a bich you are right. Sorry about that. Bound is pretty cool.

guywazeldatatt1057d ago

great list. really excited for what's coming this year!

Eiyuuou1057d ago

I'm excited for Nier! I do hope they keep all the RPG elements.

gangsta_red1057d ago

Nier Automata is the only thing that is interesting from that list. Platinum are masters at their craft and from what was shown they are not going to disappoint with the new Nier.

jb2271057d ago

Firewatch looks amazing to me...I have a feeling that game will do very well at least critically if not commercially. Only a couple weeks wait but it is the first big game for me in 2016.

ninsigma1057d ago

Yeah me too. Haven't bought a game yet this year and firewatch will be the first. Been anticipating this one since the reveal.

mocaak1057d ago (Edited 1057d ago )

February 9th is pretty amazing overall, 3 great indie/downloadable games coming out on the same day.

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The story is too old to be commented.