EA Facing Another Football Cover Change?

Kotaku: "Ah, and by that I mean association football, not "throwball" as soccer enthusiasts call American football. Seems that one of the coverboys for FIFA 09, Maurice Edu (at right in the cover shot) of Major League Soccer's Toronto FC, is close to signing with Glasgow Rangers of the Scottish Premier League."

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Stinkey3740d ago

For the People who care about football(Me and the rest of the worlds) I think it would be disrespect if they don't change the cover just to represent him with his new club. regardless of his career accomplishments. Ok he hasn't done for football what Bret has done for the "little football" but he is the MLS MVP and so that should mean something. Change the Damn thing is he leaves Toronto. I would care.

Max Power3739d ago

never knew we found life on another planet, not only that they enjoy soccer.

ELite_Ghost3740d ago

Hopefully Ronaldinho won't be in the cover like he always is... put ribery, messi, and some spanish guy or something!

Harry1903739d ago

If I can, I will import the EU version.

Knight_Watcher3739d ago

IMO the perfect cover would be Rooney, Puyol & Toni

dro3739d ago

the hole world watches football apart from america,the world cup is viewed by over 3billion people while the super bowl is viewed between 90-100 million....what dose that tell u (-_-)

on topic...but the cover kinda sucks =/

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The story is too old to be commented.