8.5 Review: Madden 09 (Wii) EA Sports continues to develop and fine-tune the "All-Play" concept on the Wii editions of its annual sports releases, hardcore gamers will continue to be disappointed by the perceived emphasis on drawing in novice fans. With advents like the "Call Your Shots" mode, it's not like the developers completely ignored the veteran fan base, but the long-term direction of these Wii versions is evident. In the end, if you want the most realistic football sim on the market, maybe you should rethink your future with a Nintendo console obviously committed toward bringing together gamers of all ages and backgrounds. But if you're looking an inclusive experience suitable for any level of player -- and a perfectly enjoyable football game for the hardcore set -- there's no need to overthink it: Madden is still the one.

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nieto3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

why is that every madden it is always the same every year but it keeps getting good scores?

Gigaman3741d ago

That is because is only official NFL game out there.