Leaked Resistance 2 Beta Gameplay Footage

New leaked gameplay footage from the private beta invite for Resistance 2.

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Deviant3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

edit:..I am the noob

Buju3712d ago

the start is, the rest is from the beta, see for yourself

DarkBlade3712d ago

How about you try watching the video you are wrong and was tricked.

sonarus3712d ago

I didn't even know there was beta for coop as well...nice

TresTrendu3712d ago

Ok i am sure the singleplayer will be decent, but everytime i see multiplayer i dislike it even more each time i see something on it. And on a side note the really have to fix the animations, the running animation is awful.

3712d ago
rexor07173711d ago

I want my hands on it now. Hopefully other people don't make a strong opinion about the game based on this video. Wait for the beta to play. I think the shield makes it look too easy though. And the ravagers were to easy to kill. But if I was playing with eight friends, this would be awesome.

Bubble Buddy3711d ago

What I want to happen in Resistance 2 is that Hale is trapped with no guns by a chimera, and Cartwright snipes the head and saves Hale.

solidt123711d ago

That second video was Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Can't wait to into this beta.


Big Monsters with guns!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks freaking awesome.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Silogon3712d ago

So what te F*ck was acomplished here? He showed us nothing, other than the fact he was in the beta. So this is a bragging video and nothing more.

The best aprt about it, though.... he was using a Vizo tv ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hah!

silverchode3712d ago

theres some gameplay up on youtube look it up b4 its taken down.

Thoas3712d ago

The Vizo tv made me laugh too.

themyk3712d ago

it's pretty rude to laugh at somebody's tv. not everybody can afford sony and samsung. at least he's playing it on an lcd.

and before you ask no i don't have a vizio. lol

i have a samsung. but i certainly wouldn't knock somebody for having a vizio.

dwjohnson0112113712d ago

That was a boring ass video. He didn't even play, what a tease.

SixTwoTwo3712d ago

bubbles for you DarkBlade that vid is incredible. the gameplay looks addictive as hell

Liquid Dust3712d ago

yea, thanks darkblade, the gameplay just looks killer, those monstrous chimera later in the gameplay are just daunting and brutal to fight it seems, id love to get my hands on this beta

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dwjohnson0112113712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

They don't even want to play it. LOL

reincarnated3712d ago

dont worry there will be more videos count on it...

TheBetaLeak3712d ago

i made and uploaded these vids last night and now someone is talking credit for my work.

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TheBetaLeak3711d ago

i dont get why im getting disagrees, this is my video!