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Let’s be honest, it feels great to finally have a new Final Fantasy game come out this year (provided there are no more delays!) With both XV and the Final Fantasy VII Remake on the horizon, I thought I would take a look back and state my top 5 Final Fantasy titles so far.

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Relientk772563d ago

Final Fantasy VI - X
And Final Fantasy Tactics

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Ziege_UK2561d ago

My personal list
2) FF IX
4) FF X
5) FF VI
And drooling after FF XV

ninsigma2561d ago

Dude 15 looks so good. Can't wait for that to drop! Hope it releases with no other games I want around it so I can focus wholly on that xD

ninsigma2561d ago

Ff7 would be my favourite, followed by 9. I just did not think 8 was that good at all. 10 was OK but I didn't like the characters too much. Haven't played ff4.

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KainYago2561d ago

1.Final Fantasy X: favorite game i love everything about it
2.Final Fantasy VIII: love this game the junction system is very good and i loved the cheesy storyline.The characters were ok i guess
3/4: Final Fantasy VII/IX: for me these games are very much equal i love the atmosphere of ff7 but i also love the characters and the world in IX. i think the steam version of ff9 will be the help for the final verdict
5: Final Fantasy 4: for me its the best 2d final fantasy,good story good characters, good game
honorable mention: final fantasy 5: i love the job system and the characters were ok.
2nd honorable mention: Final Fantasy XII: i dint play much with this game so i dont know it that much but i played enoguh to know this game was perfect back then. square plz i need a hd remaster of this game on my ps4 :)
dishonorable mention: final fantasy 13 franchise: 13 was a piece of shit in my opinion but maybe only because it had final fantasy in the name XIII-2 was much better but still not a final fantasy XIII-3 the worst ff i have every played i would not even play it even if it isnt a final fantasy game.

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