5 new Mercenaries 2 Co-op screens

New screens showing Mercenaries 2's co-op in action.

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monkeybrother93712d ago

This is old pictures, i saw these last week.

Bazookajoe_833712d ago

Now ill just might buy it...

akaFullMetal3711d ago

when is this game going to finally come out??? ahahaha seems like its been forever!

YoMeViet3711d ago

I believe it's the 31st

djb3711d ago

not bad, still doesnt sell the game to me so i wont get it most probably. Army of Two put me off co-op because everyone who i teamed with just rushed in and died

Turbo Teddy3711d ago

Im might get this one.. Saw a live wire video on Youtube, and it looked really cool :D