HipHopGamerShow 8/17/08 PS3 or 360 Who will come out on top this fall?

* Can Resistance 2 outsell Gears 2?
* Has Nintendo wii alienated the Hardcore gamers
* Madden 09 Review The game is incredible
* Sony in Germany what to expect from the conference
* Much Much More... Enjoy the show

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ferdus-hutki-shira3810d ago

if its a video i will watch. podcast


ferdus-hutki-shira3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Wow i thought this was a podcast

but it isnt. so its pretty could

these guys should merge with ripten for some article and news power.

rpten and bit bag seem like perfect math. to me it looks they would to so much better together !

ChanDangle3810d ago

And you could do better?

egm_hiphopgamer3810d ago

why? why do i suck explain all your doing is talking dog where's your argument at what do you got against me

DarK-SilV3810d ago

I really like your shows, you go straight to the point ,interesting stuff one after another, hope you cover Sony GC this Monday, great stuff man –don’t listen to the haters, no matter how good you are ,you will never please all people, that's the world we live on

TruthbeTold3810d ago

Still, the Wii news is rather lacking, though I understand that that's not really your audience. Games like Manhunt 2 and No More Heroes were INSANELY bloody and violent, and each has been out for quite a while now. The people making the recent stink won't change anything for Nintendo sales-wise. If people had a bottom-line attitude of: "I am responsible for me and mine" this wouldn't be an issue. If you don't want your kid exposed to a violent game, make sure you don't buy it for them, and make sure that they know that they better not play it at someone else's house. In fact, if such things are so important to some people, they should make sure that their kids don't even hang out with kids who play those kinds of games.

That is the issue imo. Not whether or not Nintendo will lose their family friendly image. They've had violent games and family games on every console of theirs so far. The classic company line of: "We at Nintendo tend not to develop overly violent games, but we do not hinder or discourage the creative expression of our 3rd party partners" is adequate. It's translation? If you want kiddie games and party games, buy kiddie games and party games. We've got them by the dozen. However, other people may want other choices so we allow for these options.

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Deviant3810d ago

Can Resistance 2 outsell Gears 2? feels hard to believe that but can R2 be better (provide more fun/innovation etc.)than GeoW2? ..YES

Surfman3810d ago

Resistance 2 wont outsell Gears 2 since there's more 360s out in the us and Microsoft is gonna makes alot of commercials for this game, compared to Sony, which never make commercials. Too bad, Resistance will be alot better than Gays of War 2.

themyk3810d ago

will gears outsell R2? yes.
will R2 sell well? yes.

do sells represent quality? no.
do 360 owners buy just about anything? yes.

is there about a 99 percent chance that R2 is going to be the much better game? yes.

is insomniac one of the top 3 american developers in the industry right now? yes

do i like asking myself question, and then answering them? yes.

ferdus-hutki-shira3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

this is my first time watch this show

and i have to say that its too long. if it was under 10 mins i would watch it all !

egm_hiphopgamer3810d ago

this is your first time watching the show you should watch my E3 coverage with me and ted price, aaron greenburg, major nelson, and tons more of people you'll enjoy that also you say my show is too long at what point did you get bored, also do you watch G4 they have shows that long too so let me know so i can understand where you are coming from better aight