Japanese Chart for Week Ending 24th December 2006

The weekly chart covers everything, from hardware sales to individual game sales in Japan. From the peek into the next-gen catagory, Sony's system is the clear victor. Even in the 7th week after its launch, PS3 count reaches almost twice as Xbox360's in its 46th week.

Besides this, Sony's both current-gen platforms PS2 and PSP are still selling like hot-cakes, only lagging behind Wii and DS.

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InMyOpinion6183d ago

Could you at least keep your own opinions out of the post? Write it in the commentary section instead, it just looks sh!tty...

specialguest6182d ago (Edited 6182d ago )

damn... that DS has been scorching hot since a year ago and it seems like there's no stopping it. it seems like Nintendo is keeping Nintendo alive and well, meaning most of the platnium sellers are games made by Nintendo. the Wii is also showing huge software numbers too. FINALLY, Nintendo the former king of consoles is back on track. now where's that sequel or remake of Act Raiser?

oke6182d ago

That's a bit of an understatement. To declare a clear victor yet (Sony, anyways) is also a little premature.

Witewunder6182d ago

it would have been a little more accurate to say only slightly ahead of XBox 360 and GBA.

NextGen24Gamer6182d ago

The number one selling hand held is the DS

The number one selling next gen game is Blue Dragon.

This is all in Japan. The 3rd largest market in gaming. With the USA first and Europe 2nd.

Nintendo OWNS Japan big time this time around. The Wii is perfect for that market. Good Job Nintendo...you dethroned your home grown competitor in the video game industry in your territory.

Bhai6182d ago (Edited 6182d ago )

... and you know that. As Reggie himself declared at E3 to the press that if you're here for next-gen, this isn't the place...so why the f**k are you implying that Wii is next-gen ? Wii is only 3 times powerful than PS2. In this way...

Bhai6182d ago

as only PS3 and X360 are the only next-gen machines out there, and PS3 has sold twice as 360 in only 7 weeks as 360 has sold in 55 weeks, such a shame for MS, they couldn't make it this time too. Hah !!!

LuminousAphid6182d ago

How is the PS3 the clear victor with 9.1% when the Wii has nearly three times as much at 25.8%? Do you have some sort of problem with your brain?

Tempo6182d ago

He just can't see around his sony fanboy blinders

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