Tekken Dark Resurrection Screens

The PSP and arcade version of Tekken 5, the Dark Resurrection, is available now as a downloadable title on the PS3 at the PS Network Store (Japan). Here are some new shots from the game.

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Scythesean5448d ago

I need a US release not japan please!

PS3 Ultimate5448d ago

This game is a PORT FROM the PSP so don't go saying ''Oh is that all PS3 can offer on graphics?! ROFL!!'' Because you will only be fooling yourself. The only upgrade is maybe a few new modes and costumes and stuff. Also it will have the PSP graphics except it will be in HD. 1 Thing I wish for Namco to do for once! PLEASE make Tekken 6 Online playable for the U.S. and all other countries that the PS3 has been launched in! We want competition! I think it will boost up their sales on the game if they make it ONLINE PLAYABLE!

DJ5448d ago

I can't wait to try out Jinpanchi (a.k.a. the asshole boss)