15 Small Things GTA IV Does Better Than GTA V

Grand Theft Auto games are all about attention to detail. A million little things come together to form the massive simulations we’ve come to know and love—and it’s fascinating to look at what, specifically, goes into defining a GTA space.

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2pacalypsenow2148d ago

GTA 4 was lame, huge step back from SA

Bansai2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Not really, it just cut small and ultimately insignificant activities like car modding and replaced them with cutting edge physics, godlike driving model, great AI, better gunplay and gameplay overall.

Game received bad rep for... I dunno, missions and maybe... cousin, lets go bowling yes? ;)

Missions were kind of similar to each other, go there, shoot that, but then again, some were very memorable to me. However TBOGT expansion fixed that right up.

Maybe I just don't see it, but to me, GTA IV was, and still is a great game.

sullynathan2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Cutting edge physics that was worse than Half Life 2, "god like driving" that was like driving a boat instead of a car, worse gameplay with far less options and clunky controls, and Great AI that had enemies running straight to your gun.

Wow, such a game. N4G members have a ridiculous nostalgia bias that is crazy.

Saying all those things San Andreas put in to enhance gameplay as "insignificant activities" is incredibly stupid when you use the amateur physics engine in GTA IV as something important.

GTA IV cut out so much from San Andreas and made an incredibly barebones, faux-realistic game that was less fun and had less gameplay and replayability than its predecessors.

Wonder why GTA IV received criticism from GTA players? It was the least fun GTA, with the most unrefined mechanics that stripped things from it's predecessors. It ran like shit on PC, with poor tanky controls, cars felt like boats and somehow people think that's realistic and it kept the bad missions types from past GTA games which were " go here and do drive by". The game is easily the weakest main GTA game.

PCgamer982148d ago

Too bad rockstar forgot to add fun in Gta IV. TBOGT is good though.

x_BlackRose2148d ago

Wouldn't call the driving "god like" the cars handlin was very cumbersome. GTA4 was still an excellent game. One I revisit from time to time

InactiveUser2147d ago

Excellent video. GTA IV was clearly superior in many ways that become forgotten and unappreciated. I'd definitely buy GTA IV remastered, but hope they would replace the ridiculous amount of time wasting trophies, as well as adjust other annoyances people have with the game (like the friend calls mentioned above). I never had an issue with the driving. I've seen people complain, but while playing, I never thought 'this is bad'. It was just a mechanic to get used to.

Dee_912147d ago

I noticed all of these things on day one. I still can't believe we don't have any fast food joints.

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N4GGuy242148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Look at all the butt hurt fans here. I for one enjoyed both GTA4/5. Although personally I would say GTA5 is far superior game but it is interesting to see the smaller details which makes you apperciate the older game which for its time was great. Video made you realise how far better the AI for cops/pedestrians and ragdolls were and smaller thngs like climbing and throwing things were good aswell. For those complaining about how gta4 removed things from san andreas.

Go play your shitty saints row games if you wish to be a fat person or do dumb things.

2pacalypsenow2148d ago

So finding a sequel inferior to the predecessor is being butt hurt? Huh...

NarooN2148d ago

Yeah I'll go play the awesome Saints Row games if I want to have actual fun with tons of gameplay variety and customization and co-op.

sullynathan2147d ago

or they could play san andreas if they want to be a fat person. or they could play GTA 4 if they wanted to do dumb things since dumb things was everywhere in that game.

BossBattle2147d ago

I didn't like GTV 4 myself. It just seemed so dark and lifeless.

Jmanzare2147d ago

The driving isn't terrible it's not supposed to be a sim racer

d_g2147d ago


the game was pretty good for me. i had a lot of fun playing it

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sullynathan2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Oh wow, great Journalism from Kotaku that also includes a video clearly targeted towards /V/ members. Quality journalism that you wouldn't find anywhere else but Kotaku.

What the shit video forgot to mention was how much more mundane GTA 4 was compared to other GTA games. Video forgot to detail all the step backs GTA 4 took compared to previous GTA's. How it traded nearly everything fun from previous GTA games for a pseudo-grounded game that was not realistic at all.

GTA 4 is a poor game, just because it utilized it's physics engine far better than all other GTA games does not make it a better game.

RedDevils2147d ago

Let me put it sort for you, so next time you don't waste writing paragraph. "I don't like GTA IV".

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RosweeSon2148d ago

GTA by any measure is a fantastic game just not the best grand theft auto by any stretch, all well made and everything was fine however the one key ingredient that was missing was the pure fun. Sure there were funny moments. Comedy club? But actually playing it and having a mess around me no where near as fun as the older games or GTA5, 4 got too serious.

OoglyBoogly2148d ago

While both games have their strengths and weaknesses I still think that GTA 4 does physics better than 5. The water, the car destruction and handling (which while looser felt more real), the ragdolls and how characters reacted to damage. The cops were also a lot better. Sure they were dumbed and less aggressive but I LIKED THAT. The cops in GTA 5 are WAY too over the top and can headshot you with a pistol a mile away. Ridiculous.

Yeah, they both had good and bad but all I can say is that I've had more fun jerking around in GTA 4 then GTA 5. For what it's worth.

showtimefolks2147d ago

i finished gta 4 twice and but could never get into DLC

going back and trying to play GTA 4 is hard thing to do IMO

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