Do all RPGs really need to be so long?

Although everyone expects RPGs to be dozens of hours long, one gamer wants to know, after playing short titles such as Undertale and South Park: The Stick of Truth, if they can be better paced if they just trim all the fat.

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FallenAngel19843098d ago

It's very expected of the genre

syotos773097d ago

Well most rpg story games are single player. So if these companies expect me to buy their game for 60 dollars, I expect to get 60 dollars worth of entertainment. I wouldn't be happy paying 60 dollars for an rpg that only lasted 10-20 hours with little to no replay value.

aquaticDonut3097d ago

And what about when they're only $10, like the one used in the thumbnail?

syotos773097d ago

@donutboy honestly I don't really want a short experience when I play an rpg so I typically go for the larger titles, but things like bastion and Transistor weren't too long but we're definitely worth the play through, so there are exceptions, but I've heard people say there is too much to do in games like the witcher or dragon age or fallout and it just always seemed silly. The main point I was trying to make is that it's important to me to feel like I got my money's worth.

Bdub20003097d ago

I wouldn't enjoy a role playing game that wasn't very long. The whole idea is to take your time and build your character to a role you want to play, and spend hours using that character to complete missions.

CarlosX3603097d ago

Yes, and my answer to the question of this posting: Yes. The whole point of RPG's is to start from zero, and climb up to a climax of sorts. FF7 does this brilliantly by converging story and how "experienced" your player is (Cloud at Level 30-ish for example).

Sunny_D3097d ago

RPG's are literally the only game genre that makes me feel that I get my money's worth and then some when I buy them. I put hundreds of hours into them and come out satisfied even if they aren't the best in the genre.

Thefreeman0123098d ago

Well no but it needs replay value and substance story/ plot wise

GryestOfBluSkies3098d ago

the length of these games is why i now (usually) pass on them. RPG used to be my favorite genre, but i also used to have a lot more time to dedicate to playing them

xerokai3097d ago

So since you no longer have time to play full length RPGs should the remaining player base be denied a lengthy RPG experience? I'm not criticising perse. I also no longer have time to invest in a full RPG but I wouldn't expect game play to be changed to follow my availability. I just play more ARPGs or strategy titles.

Sunny_D3097d ago

This is true. I have had Witcher 3 for months now and I'm still early into the game due to my busy schedule. But, I am willing to keep playing it. I just play other games with RPG's as well.

Articuno763098d ago (Edited 3098d ago )

A lot of them have way too much fluff, both in terms of grind and meandering narrative. It's funny because older JRPGs tend to be blisteringly paced in comparison to modern ones: more happens the opening 15 hours of FFVII than the first 30 in newer games. And all of Chrono Trigger's excellently paced story is over and done with before the 30 hour mark.

It's better to tell an average story with excellent pacing than it is to tell an excellent story with average pacing.

wonderfulmonkeyman3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I would argue that what goes on during the bits between the story paces is what defines whether or not an excellent story with average pacing is a better choice than an average story with excellent pacing.

To be fair, a lot of games recently haven't had that much in terms of meaningful between-story content, but there are some stand-out examples that use smaller side-story narrative to fill the gap, rather than merely meaningless fluff.

I think with games like Witcher III and Xenoblade X, we're getting closer to devs realizing what makes good content for between story missions.

Unless something goes horribly wrong in the next few years and we get a string of stupid mistakes from both old hats and new faces, I think we can at least hope that it will be a gentle up slope in quality from here on out...

Articuno763097d ago

"I would argue that what goes on during the bits between the story paces is what defines whether or not an excellent story with average pacing is a better choice than an average story with excellent pacing."

Yeah, I was making the assumption that "all other things be equal". But in reality it's rarely quite that black and white.

Khaotic3098d ago

I like long rpgs as long as they keep me engaged. Its a good value to have one i can put 100+ hours into since i dont buy alot of games.

_-EDMIX-_3098d ago

Agreed, as long as your engaged. I just don't feel value is in hours as one can play a RPG that is lots of hours that is with a lot of filler or bad or your not engaged as much etc.