The Gears League

The guys over at are setting up a competitive Gears of War League. Might be interesting if you have a friend or three to join you in one of their matchup categories.

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markfield5246d ago

lag may be a factor for USA players if this is mostly for UK players, so I would suggest splitting the leagues by location to avoid that.

It's a shame GoW's online options are pitifully sparse - clans and leagues would have been a great addition

- at least Bungie knows how to create a good MP environment (roll on Halo 3!) - maybe Epic can learn from them and include better MP options in 2007 updates/DLC.

CompGeek5246d ago

The league is eqaully split either way. Teams will play eachother twice, so both will get a chance to host.

FKN Unbelievable5246d ago

Your are absolutely right. Since GOW don't have Control lag it has bullet lag at that means you has to shoot early depending on the connection and thats no fun.