Nintendo's Mad World of Branding

Thomcult: The assumption was that now the Wii had exclusively established the mass market it would have to retrospectively develop appeal among core gamers. However, if the Wii did create a portfolio of games aimed at serious fans then how would the mass market react? Would the Wii-Sports generation be willing to share the platform with potentially controversial titles?

It was always assumed that Nintendo would have to convince core gamers that they were a viable choice but it seems that if Nintendo want to both have their cake and eat it they'll have to work just as hard to reassure mass-market audiences that they are still about fun.

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jorgeanaya0003741d ago

That's BS! I mean, it doesn't bother Wii core gamers that there are casual games for the Wii; so why does it bother casual gamers that there are hardcore games? Why can't we have both?

vlazed3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Totally agree but it really is no ones fault but Nintendo. Appealing to the masses is essentially appealing to the lowest common denominator. Nintendo took a gamble by making the Wii's image that of a "family friendly" console.

If these [email protected] were intelligent by any means, they would go after manufactures of dvd players because who doesn't love a machine that can play porn and the newest disney films.

jonboi243740d ago

Isn't this the reasons games have an ESRB rating. If you don't want your kids to play this than make sure you watch their a$$ and don't buy this game for them.