Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Server Crash!

It appears some Gamers are currently unable to play on the Multiplayer side of XboxLive. You can still sign in and play single player ,however some people are reporting issues with playing GOW single player. It was not a planned downtime and Major Nelson the Xbox Live Director Of Programming Posted this comment on his blog regarding the issue "I am on it...the XOC team is working on it. It will be fixed soon." No word on how long this may take and it appears they called in the XOC team as this is definitely a unexpected server downtime. The XOC team stands for (Xbox Operations Center). More information on the XOC : after the jump

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power of Green 5245d ago

That's funny, i was just in the 360 vs PS3 thread that syko360 posted complaining about Lost Planet, score's of people got the Xbox 360 for Xmas and those two games LP & Gow were flooded with people that had just hooked up their 360's.

Juevani5244d ago

ow looky looky what we got here, isnt that the perfect xbox live that ya pay 250 for? yes it is, then woops its crashing and ya still pay 250 dollars.

drewdrakes5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

$250? where the hell are you getting these numbers from, simply multiplying 5 years by 50 dollars? Whats wrong with you.

If you want to nit pick about every cent, each blu-ray movie will cost you about 5 dollars more then its HD DVD counterpart (probably more from the prices ive seen), therefor buying 100 blu-ray discs will cost $500 more on the PS3, therefor the 360 has it beat by 500 dollars in that area, well worth both Xbox Live and the HD DVD addon.

Smellslikepie5244d ago

At least we can still download things. It's only the multiplayer aspect that's gone down. EVERYTHING else is still functional. If one thing goes wrong with the Sony service, everything else shuts off. Now THAT'S quality, eh?

power of Green 5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

$250?, XBL did not crash lol, i downloaded a demo then tryied to play LP. Read the artical.

BIadestarX5244d ago

That's how low PS3 fanboys have gone to. $250... no long ago he posted an xbox 360 for $900 now, xbox live for $250. Even if this was true; at least it didnt crash because of a demo.

DJ5244d ago

For a 5-year old service, I didn't really expect this. But Microsoft's king of software, so it should be fixed in no time...right?

MoonDust5244d ago (Edited 5244d ago )

Who knows. Maybe the server overheated. lol. BTW: Everyone knows it's $50, see post about. It's redundant.

DJ5244d ago

j/p I read that multiplayer servers outside of the network are still working fine, so yeah. Probably minor.

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The story is too old to be commented.