NOD Awards 2006

From the very first previews, everyone talked about Gears of War talked in hushed, reverential tones. After the first hands-on showcases, it had a virtual lock on an armful of Game of the Year awards. Other games have had that kind of hype but fell flat when it was time to step up to the plate. Gears defied the odds by being exactly the great game experience designer CliffyB promised. Startlingly original? No. Balls-out fun? Hell yes!

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Scrumptious5243d ago

Gears of War with another game of the year win. Where did Resistance go? Not even a runner up!

eques judicii5243d ago

is that gamedaily said that resistance was better head to head... but then gave gow the goty... very funny.. and very telling indeed

PS360PCROCKS5243d ago

where did you get that from? I read both reviews and they never even compare the games...and good for GOW and Epic, they deserve it, they put out a phenomonal product that was as good as it was said it would be. It hasn't left my tray since I bought it, and I play it atleast an hour a day. It's definetly one of the best games I have ever played

eques judicii5243d ago

i love that game... it was a while back that they did a comparison and gave the "nod" to resistance, i disagreed with them then... but i suppose that after playing more gears over the past few weeks it changed their minds ;-)

Juevani5243d ago

GOW sucks buttom line.. I've told ya before and Imma tell ya again : No Storie, 3 hours Long Campain, Not much guns, Nothing happening at the same time (it plays and sounds so mono and flat) Texture problems, Envirments looks like they tok em from a Wii game, boring enemys, online its only 4vs4 (yawooooo) and there is more but why waist my time..

Munky5243d ago

You silly fawk. You are wrong on every single point. But I guess the one bubble explains everything.

Marriot VP5243d ago

yah that is why it's been getting all those game of the year and best online multiplayer awards right?

no one values your opinion, sony tool

wolfgang5243d ago

GoW is awesome, you don't even have a 360 to play it, you are just jealous, get over it Juevani. Why don't you play games instead on spending all your free time bashing anything that is not a sony console. Most of the people here have enjoy games from all console. I've got an idea, i'm a gonna write "sony" on the side a a huge dildo and "microsoft" and another one, then you can shove them where the sun don't shine and maybe we'll listen when you tell us that the ms one fell so flat compare to your nextgen ps3 dildo.

Optimus Prime5243d ago

hahahaha. again you are wrong. just dont post on this site. go play your precious ps3.
you dont know how to type properly. no one can understand you, you never have any info about anything. just stop posting.

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Xtrm L1481L1TY5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

There’s another 2006 GOTY for Gears.
And you can bet your ass 2007 belongs to Halo 3.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5243d ago

all wrong, Oblivion should be game of the year. Gears is short but sweet, hell when I get my 360 back from McAllen TX I'll finally be able to finish it ( I have the rated T collecters ed.)

Xtrm L1481L1TY5243d ago

oblivion Won GOTY from G-Phoria G4TV

There's another 360 winner ;)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5242d ago