How big is The Division’s map? See for yourself in this video

The Division is pretty dense, but the map is restricted to just one borough.

“How big is The Division‘s map?” is one of the most frequently asked questions now that the veil of secrecy has lifted on Ubisoft’s shared-worlds shooter.

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crazychris41241006d ago

Looks like they are definitely going to expand the map size in future dlc (free and/or paid)

jv19911006d ago

I hope they include the rest of NY later on

crazychris41241006d ago

Would be great. Full city is huge but something like central park area or some of the other boroughs is just as good. Don't want too much where it takes too long to get places, too far from other players and too much stuff that the game runs slower.

TheJacksonRGN1006d ago

Brooklyn won't be available at launch but it will be eventually.

XisThatKid1006d ago

Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens, Bronx? Sounds a whole lot like The Reef, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter to me.

Ubisoft and Activision a match made in hell, honeymoon on Earth.....I'm still getting the Division though.

remixx1161006d ago

Cant watch the video, hope its big...

VerminSC1006d ago

Its not about the size, its about how condensed it is. I hate how its now a competition to make enormous maps, it does not make the game better in any way.

BoomNade1006d ago

Expansion packs like in World of Warcraft, a level cap increase and world expanded.

Bully718son1006d ago

Yeah I hope it gets bigger, looks like it will, but we'll see. I'll pay for a extra boroughs

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