Guitar Hero 4 Vs Rock Band 2: Harmonix and Neversoft to battle it out

It was only last year when Harmonix stepped up to the plate, and created a multi instrumental game that most know as Rock Band. The game gave Guitar Hero a run for its money as the special edition came packed with not only a guitar, but also a microphone, and a drum set. If that was not enough Harmonix made sure all rock elements were available by including an option for the bass. Harmonix was not pleased enough, and refused to stop there. They had promised frequent DLC content, and have been adding new tracks just about every week since the release date. With Guitar Hero in danger now of losing its rein of the music genre, Neversoft had no choice but to respond to Rock Band with their very own multi instrumental title. Known as Guitar Hero 4 Neversoft had announced a new title out the door that could very well compete with Rock Band. Harmonix later responded with the announcement of a sequel in hopes of keeping their head above the game. With both titles set to release this fall it will surely be a gruesome match to see which title can be crowned as a true virtual band game. We take you inside the match, and give you a preview of what you can expect from both titles, as well as which title will better suit you as a rocker.

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TheColbertinator3742d ago

Rock Band 2 will be the better title.500 songs by the end of the year and counting...

Mclovin963742d ago

guitar hero 4 has tool songs. i don't care how many songs rock band has, they don't have tool, the greatest rock back of all time.

TheColbertinator3742d ago

Tool is a joke.Another band of the kids generation.Kids should know the best bands of all time are Led Zeppelin,Jethro Tull and The Outlaws.

No FanS Land3741d ago

TOOL a joke? I don't know in what kind of world you live, they always compose F***ed up songs that are emotionally engaging. just to name a few : Sober , Parabola , Eulogy , Schism , Stinkfist , the grudge , Vicarious , Rosetta stoned (ho damn I don't wanna sing that one!) , Jimmy , H. all crazy songs I would like to play.

Mr_Kuwabara3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I'm getting World Tour. Rock Bands 2 list doesn't look to hot imo and I prefer the difficulty of GH than that of RB.

I hope that the rumored "Scream, Aim, Fire!" from Bullets of my Valentine is in the game.

crazy250003742d ago

ill play rock band if one of my friends get it

Ice2ms3741d ago

Rock band 2 has the superior set list imo so guess ill have to go with that and the fact that ill have over 300 songs for it when i get it :P

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The story is too old to be commented.