Game Boyz Review: Madden 09

Game Boyz Writes:

"In mid July a few of us GameBoyz staffers had a chance to demo some of EA Sports' upcoming games at E3 in Los Angeles. One of the first games on our agenda, and one I was looking forward to, was Madden NFL 09. This year is a big year for the franchise as Madden is celebrating its 20th birthday. As such, my expectations were raised when I first gave the game a spin at E3. After the brief demo I was impressed but I certainly reserved judgement until I sat down and actually had a chance to sink my teeth into the game. After a few days and several hours playing the game I have now had a chance to truly wet my appetite. On its own, Madden NFL 09 for the Xbox 360 is simply an impressive game. That being said, after 20 years the franchise has yet to produce the perfect NFL game."

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