Top 5 inappropriate video-games

IM PLAYIN discuss five of the most inappropriate games released in recent years.

"I’m a fan of having fun. And yes, maybe, on occasion, I’ve gotten a little rowdy… perhaps even raucous or rambunctious. But these five games were a little too much (at times), for me at least. I like crude humour as much as the next chap, but these games take it past crude and, dare I say it, are a little rude. Here’s my top 5 NSFW video-games. Though no video-games are safe for work, you’re in a professional environment gosh darn it (unless your profession involves video-games, I might add)."

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Kalebninja3101d ago

They did go a pretty far with GTA V, I really have no clue how it didn't get an AO even though it definitely met its standards.

BTW prepare for this article to be ripped apart, bombed, and sodomized.

Kalebninja3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Why bother telling you? You're just going to disagree and tell me I'm wrong. I won't be feeding a flame today. BTW I said they went "pretty far" I didnt say "too far"

Ginpachi-sama3101d ago

No i just wanna know what went "pretty far"

Bimkoblerutso3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I thought the torture scene went a little too far. Not because I am morally opposed to it being in a video game, but because I feel like it ruined Trevor as a character. There can be NO sympathy for a man after watching him do something like that, and Trevor is a character that works with very little sympathy to begin with.

Anthotis3101d ago

Indeed. Bikinis aren't inappropriate.

This SJW filth would be better off in the Middle East.

gamer78043101d ago

inappropriate for what age? seriously, doa.... playing on the beach in swimsuits, outrageous!

Dyldog693101d ago

Looks appropriate to me. Who wrote this article somebody's mother?


GTA 5 DLC: Parts of Canceled Project Made Its Way to GTA Online

A Former Rockstar dev has revealed that they were making a GTA 5 DLC, but it was scrapped since GTA Online was such a "cash cow," though it wasn't a total waste as parts of it made its way to GTA Online.

shinoff21836d ago

What a damn shame. Sinfmgle player dlc could've been so dope but nope fk you single player guys.

Perfect reason why I'm against single player games having multiplayer attached. Eat up more resources

6d ago
Rebel_Scum6d ago

Honestly sucks they couldnt do something for SP dlc. It wouldnt hurt their bottom line at all to do.


Why I Believe GTA 5's Story Mode Isn't As Bad As People Think

GTA 5's story mode deserves more attention.

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Ezio20488d ago

Sure the story mode which got a 97 metacritic isn't as bad as people think. Stupid ass article.

GamerRN7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Who actually thought it was bad? Personally, I think they should have finished the Story DLC to at least gauge sales and if it was worth it vs GTO.

Terry_B8d ago

I think I did not see even one thought out piece by this site named tech4gamers yet. Nope..no approvals for this nonsense from me.

isarai7d ago

Ive never heard anyone really complain about the story mode 🤨

cloganart7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Just some people who didn't like that the story was split between 3 protagonists and kinda had weird pacing because of it.

Rebel_Scum7d ago

I didnt like how the heists consisted of 3 preparation/fetch quests which were dull as. Also there should’ve been more heists and more assassination missions.

It was pretty good apart from that.

But yeah some folks didnt like the character switch on release.

gold_drake7d ago

ehhh who exactly thinks the story mode is "bad" ?

Dudeson7d ago

The only bad about it is that there isn't any more! Cancelled story dlc to make online stuff... But hopefully gta 6 will be a great adventure again.