Great Graphics vs Splitscreen - Which would you choose?

In this generation we have seen many games giveaway the opportunity of great split-screen gaming in order to maintain a high visual quality. This article at gameplayer debates the merits of such a strategy.

"There's a certain amount of live interactivity that co-op or versus online play will never be able to replicate, and here's where the quandary lies. Should we be satisfied with a sexy as hell looking title devoid of a split-screen or multi-player component? Or do we make do with decent enough graphics so we can booze it up with our mates and battle for title of champion of the household?"

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sonarus3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Both. But it depends on the game. Racing games, Splitscreen is a must. Other games its negotiable i guess.

NEO_X3717d ago

and if you say it can't be done look at motorstorm 2

kwicksandz3717d ago

Motorstorm 1. Simply in excusable.

Splitscreen > graphics if developer has to decide IMO. Playing with your friend next you cant be beat

Hagaf223717d ago

wow i must be alone in wanting graphics, but then again most of the people i play with have the same taste in games so we can play over lan or online. graphics is definitely my choice.

iamtehpwn3717d ago

should have the ability to wireless feed the second screen to another TV via an adapter, and play off one console

TheDeadMetalhead3717d ago

That next-gen we won't have to make a choice.

But for me, Splitscren>>>Graphics . The Graphics aren't important to me. If a PS3 game is fun and it looks like a PS1 game, then I'm still going to play it simply because it's a good game otherwise.

KBDuB3717d ago

Agreed. For me, Gameplay > Graphics.

SlyGuy3717d ago

I find this argument strange.

Warhawk had great graphics on its release (and to this day it still looks pretty good). That is on fullscreen.

Now split-screen 4 player and the graphics does take a hit.

Why can't they just do like Warhawk? Pump up the graphics on full screen and sacrifice a bit on splitscreen???

zo6_lover273717d ago

Almost every splitscreen game I ever played did that.

gaminoz3717d ago

Why is the Wii picking up so many sales? Because you can sit around with a bunch of mates or family and play against each other in Wii Sports for eg.

Games like Medal Of Honor Airborne don't even get played online is a waste of the developer's effort and time if there is no offline multi for those who want to play anytime with friends and/or family like you can with Call of Duty. (Though why all the COD4 maps aren't included in split-screen is beyond me).

A lot of us have bigger TVs now that can handle split-screen; sure it's not the best, but online has its own problems: lag, finding a game, drunk idiots who do nothing but swear and sing, pervs, and online commandos who train up for multi like it was 'real' instead of 'fun'.

If you are going to make a multiplayer, just include split screen. Then everyone's happy. Not that hard.

StephanieBBB3717d ago

Resistance 1 and Resistance 2.

Enough said.

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Hershy9993717d ago

over every feature for me.

i_like_ff73717d ago

Essentially its pretty much graphics vs gameplay.

gaminoz3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Not necessarily. Graphics in COD4 are great; in split screen they are still excellent.

projectile3717d ago

Gears of War had split screen when it came out. So if they dropped that it would look better?

DJ3717d ago

Looks like a mid-range PC title, no matter how you cut it.

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BlackIceJoe3717d ago

I my self would take split-screen over better graphics any day. Nothing is sweeter then playing with your buddy.

SlappingOysters3717d ago

When devs don't want to downgrade their graphics to facilitate split-screen they are being fools. Let the visuals shine in single player, and let it be ugly in multiplayer - who cares about the visuals in multiplayer?

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