Modojo: N+ Review

If you want to be a ninja without dressing up in black pajamas, you won't get any closer than Atari's Nintendo DS game N+. This game puts your dexterity to the test as you struggle to complete stage after stage of insurmountable tasks. Sometimes it's just a matter of reaching an open door, while other times you activate a number of switches to get to the door. No matter what the goal is, getting there is more than half the battle.

You control a faceless character that must reach an open door before time runs out. You have the benefit of picking up gold pieces in order to extend your time, but there are other obstacles to deal with. Gravity's against you, so if you take a long fall, you're going to land in a mushy mess. You also have various enemies working against you, including sniper rifles, mounted cannons, sentry robots and missile launchers. On top of that, someone's planted a heaping amount of mines that explode on impact.

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