Alicia Marie is the real life version of Sonya Blade, epic cosplaying awaits you

Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat) cosplay.

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Simon_the_sorcerer1005d ago

That´s one hell of a fit female right there :3

TGG_overlord1005d ago

I think it´s safe to say that Alicia is as fit as one could get.

Army_of_Darkness1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )


I don't think you seen Paige Hathaway yet bro.
Also, I think she would make a better Sonya as well ;-)



Bahamut1004d ago


Hathaway is too muscular, Alicia Marie's tone is "tighter" as well. I'd go with Alicia.

Of course, they wouldn't go with me, but that's irrelevant!

Sunny_D1004d ago

Yeah they are both hot, but that 2nd pic of Paige has her arm looking a bit unattractive for my tastes. I like Alicia's slimmer waist as well.

Anthotis1004d ago

According to the SJWs, her physique is impossible to achieve for a real life woman.

OoglyBoogly1004d ago


Does she take enough supplements? Christ...I don't care how fit she is, that shit can't be healthy. I'd bet she'll be dead before her 50's! Guess we'll enjoy her while we can! :-p

_FantasmA_1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Paige Hathaway has been hot for years, but you picked the worst possible photos you could ever find of her. She's a 6 in those pics. theres better ones out there where she's a 12.

and my favorite:

mikeslemonade1004d ago

Pretty sure Sonya ain't black though..

Alicia Silverstone makes a better Sonya.

fr0sty1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

The real life Sonya Blade is the actor that played her in the original MK trilogy... Kerry Hoskins.

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Apocalypse Shadow1005d ago

She looks good.

But I know she could have found a "tighter" top and pants than that to really pull it off.

TGG_overlord1005d ago

I don´t know if you´re being serious, or if you´re just being sarcastic :P

Apocalypse Shadow1005d ago (Edited 1005d ago )

I'm serious.

She's hot but the picture of Sonya has skin tight clothes. I wanted to see her in skin tight clothes too Man.Dat body!lol!

TGG_overlord1005d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

I see :P And fair enough ;)

chrisx1005d ago

She's fit but she doesn't have a sonya blade face

TGG_overlord1005d ago

To be fair, Sonya Blade´s face has changed quite a lot since MK1. I get what you mean though, and I hardly doubt that she would want to undergo some plastic surgery either.

OoglyBoogly1004d ago

Well, she's black so right off the bat I think that would be hard to pull off to begin with. Definitely good cosplay but "real life", as the title says, is a bit off. Honestly, just because of her face alone, I don't think I'd be able to spot her as Sonya if I saw her in public. Just doesn't fit right.

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The story is too old to be commented.