PS3 Blu-Ray Player Kills off Sony and Samsungs Primary Offerings

A huge review by UltimateAV on the PS3's blu-ray playback concludes that it can more than hold its own on the far more expensive players produced by Samsung and Sony. They say it behaves just as you would expect a next-gen player to, ranking very highly in startup and disc access speed and overall ergonomic prowess and stability.



Compared to Samsung's BD-P1000 and (briefly) Sony's BDP-S1 as BD players, the PS3 is superior in absolute picture quality to the former, and more than holds its own with the latter. And it kills both in terms of startup and disc access speed and overall ergonomic prowess and stability. It's just bullet proof, and aside from being the coolest looking piece of gear ever, it's the only next-gen player so far that behaves like one in every respect. And of course, its connectivity and audio decoding features are tops too, although you really need an AVR or pre/pro equipped with HDMI 1.1, or later, to unleash its potential.

All of the above would be enough to earn the PS3 a rave review as a BD player even if it were on par with the prices of the standalone BD players. But it's not- even the upscale $600 PS3 is by far the least expensive BD player available.

The PS3 performs like hell and is one of the best deals going. Not that I'd kill or injure someone over one, mind you, but I'm not sure I'd judge anyone who does too harshly after living with it. My thumb's way up on this one- PS3 rocks!

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Ugly American5243d ago

So, what you are saying is that I have a great Blu-ray player in my living room? I guess the Trojan horse worked, because I didn't really WANT a Blu-ray player. I wanted THE cutting edge video game experience.

This article pisses me off more than it excites me about my purchase. I've played Resistance, and I have moved on. As of right now my Wii and my 360 hold infinitely more gaming than my $600 PS3. The PS3 has to be the most worthless GAMING machine which is what it is supposed to be.

But I guess I can watch some pretty movies.

BIadestarX5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Is this a good thing? It's bad an Good. I'm not going to say anything negative about the PS3 since this is great for those interested on it. On the other hand all the money spent by standalone blu-ray drive manufacturers goes to waste which in turn may lead them to support HD-DVD instead. Companies are not interested on making products they cannot sell and the PS3 prevents them from doing so. Ofcourse this is great for the PS3 owner for now. Let's hope that all hardware manufacturers do not feel intimidated by the PS3 (a blu-ray drive) and start making HD-DVD drives instead. It wouldn't be a good idea if blu-ray drives are only made by Sony. Sony can't win this war alone.

Shadow Flare5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

PS3 has awesome bluray drive = good thing

rowdy 15243d ago

With all the good gaming titles coming out for this system. You will be able to really enjoy all aspects of wht next gen gaming and entertainment is about. It seems Sony made a machine for grownups, and true tech guys.

xbox360migs5243d ago

But I would be interested in how it holds it's own against the best hd dvd players too! has anyone done a review yet?

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