Indie Dev Asks 'Why?' and Pirates Reply (Piracy)

Independent developer Cliff Harris, of Positech Games, asked pirates why they choose to pirate his games, promising them immunity and anonymity in exchange for their honest rationales, which Cliff would aggregate and post on his blog. They reciprocated, and of about six reasons, a righteous indignation at DRM seemed to lead the list. Harris is actually responding to the gripes in both the pricing and de-DRMing of titles in the future, with his own reasoning why it's a good idea.

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EastCoastSB3741d ago

Did they really just give that as one of their reasons? Wow.

I guess physical contact with other people us just too much for some. =/

vdesai3741d ago

This is Americas tomorrow...
On another note, our children are as obese as ever.

CrazzyMan3741d ago

There are a lot poor countries in the world.
in some countries minimum monthly salary is only 200-300 euro.
would you pay 1/3 or 1/5 of YOUR salary JUST for the game???
or that means, that poor people should NEVER enjoy HD gaming?

Armyless3741d ago

You need to read Atlas Shrugged

vdesai3741d ago

Poor countries probably don't have game stores too go to. If they did then, the consumers wouldn't be annoyed to go to the store, they would be happy to get to the store.

orakga3741d ago

They do still have videogame stores.
But they'd carry pirated software exclusively.

And when "offical" software finally makes it to those markets, they are usually priced to match the local economy (i.e. cheaper than the US).

Also, don't forget that videogames are more expensive in Europe. So pricing ALWAYS gets influenced by the local market to a certain extent.

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Le-mo3741d ago

They forgot the #1 reason, it's free. :)

Rizzle-Q3741d ago

The option "Games are too expensive" is the same as saying pirating is free... well pretty much.

zag3741d ago

it's thought to be free.

Most people pirating either don't earn much or any money IE 15 to 20 year olds, and thus probably don't pay for their net connection either, the parents most likly are.

If your really paying for it you'll be paying for the net connection then you might need to add other expenses just to have that connection.

Once you start earn money for yourself you generally don't bother with the pain in the arse that is pirating these days.

Mc Fadge3741d ago

Hasn't this been posted before? Like... Within the last few days/a week? >_>

Rice3741d ago

Dam those pirates...arrrr

Meresin3741d ago

Sad thing is, even if he does go DRM free and cut his prices...Those people will still pirate his game, because he can't compete with "free." This is why so many games are going with free-to-play, ad-supported models on the PC in Asia. They gave up because, unfortunately, they had to.

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The story is too old to be commented.