Diablo 3 Developer Explains Health and Potion Changes

One of the new features in the upcoming Diablo 3 release is a change from the traditional potion-guzzling, inventory-clogging system of previous games to a new scheme in which monsters drop health orbs on the ground that refill your health when you touch them. Lead Designer Jay Wilson says the change makes for more varied gameplay and a more consistent way to scale difficulty.

Diablo 3 Developer told the Multiplayer blog: "When the player has similar downsides, it means we can make a lot more interesting monsters. We don't have to kill you to challenge you. We can make a monster that affects your mobility, we can make a monster that has different kinds of attacks that are dangerous to you and that you actually have to avoid. And so it makes the combat a lot more interesting."

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Bombibomb3742d ago

Hmm I wonder what the system requirements will look like.

Lionsguard3742d ago

in before "omg no more pots? plz sign my petition"

thereapersson3742d ago

This may be, but it just doesn't feel as immersive. It's like you'll just be running around collecting health power-ups, which feels out of place in Diablo. At least to me, anyway...

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