The Division Looks Far Better On PC; XB1 Version Is Sub-1080P With Drops Below 30FPS [Report]

According to reports from YouTubers who played The Division at the recent hands-on event, the PC version looks far better than console, specifically Xbox One which suffers in both resolution and frame rate.

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ccgr3104d ago

Can't say I'm too surprised

kaiserfranz3104d ago

I've said a lot of times, Microsoft dropped the ball on Microsoft hardware. It's far weaker than PS4 without being cheaper. It doesn't make any sense when you think about it

magiciandude3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

There are games on PS4 with performance issues just as bad or worse than the Xbox One versions. PS4 isn't "far" more powerful than Xbox One. Also there are Xbox One exclusives performing 1080p, 60FPS, and have the best console graphics ever on the entire planet, even on 3% less powerful hardware than the PS4. A lot of Ubi soft games have terrible performance issues on both console and PC.

dp2774073104d ago

You're the entertaining one Magiciandude, why not let people know that you have comedy with those tricks.

quenomamen3104d ago

If its weaker then it cost less to manufacture, therefore bigger profit when its costs more than PS4. You thought MS was making the X1 for its fans ?

Bully718son3104d ago

Magiciandude the votes speak for it self buddy, you wrong

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bf0007779663104d ago

...but xbox one has kenect

Bansai3104d ago

Recent Fallout 4 had issues on both platforms, I'm guessing this will be a similar scenario.

LastcenuryRob3104d ago

"far weaker"... Now you are just a fanboy, MS hater... Yes the X1 hardware is not has strong but it isn't too far of... btw, the PS4 is no powerhouse either.

fr0sty3104d ago

"far more" is dependent on the situation. Is your game going to rely on a lot of GPGPU to aid the weak CPUs that both systems have? If so the PS4 version will be your best version by far. Is VR your target? PS4 will win hands down (bigger frame buffer makes it easier to render 3D at high FPS). Is 1080p at 60fps important? PS4 will likely have an advantage there as well, since XO tends to have to drop resolution to maintain fast frame rates. Is your game CPU heavy in ways that can't easily be done by GPGPU? Xbox One will likely do better there, though not by much.

Each engine is different, each one is going to have different requirements on the systems and will rely on different strengths. So, it is impossible to say PS4 is "far" better at all things, even if it is far better at a few things.

Most importantly, is your game properly optimized for the consoles? If not, neither version will run great.

Neonridr3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

It's really only the GPU and RAM where the X1 is lacking.

Strange that they opted to use DDR5 RAM in the PS4 though when even the newest PC motherboards are only using DDR4. Probably could have kept costs down a little bit more by opting for slightly cheaper RAM.

Wallstreet373104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


There are games on pc with terrible performance issus so whats your point? Xbone has games with the best console graphics ever? Lol what games are these? Ever since ps3 Sony has always had the games that push the graphics benchmark on console and ps4 is no different. Xbone has no game that looks as good as The Order, Until Dawn, Killzone or Drive Club, so stop your killing me.

If your an xbox fanboy its cool but dont start spouting lies. If your pointing to Forza with the 108060 fps that game is missing tons of things other racers have like good dynamic weather and i believe dynamic night and day cycles, far from a graphics powerhouse. Ryse is like a slide show lol and still doesnt look better than the order.

Everyone here knows pc are upgradable and more powerful if your graphics card is decent but we also all know given ps4s better gpu and ram ps4 is stronger than xbone by a good amount. Also more than like 85% of mulitplats look abd perform better on ps4, the ones that dont thats the devs fault and most of those later got patched on ps4 to run better also.

Anyway no surprise here pc comes out looking better, it always should.

magiciandude3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


Actually, PS4 uses GDDR5, not DDR5. But yeah I agree Xbox One isn't nearly as underpowered as haters would love to believe.

sammarshall1023104d ago

Xbox One isn't "far weaker" than the PS4 or there would be a significant difference

ABizzel13104d ago


All 3 consoles could have been better, but when it comes to the current core, MS dropped the ball.

Wii U is basically a Xbox 360 with a 50% more powerful GPU, 2GB of split RAM, and a less powerful CPU.

XBO is basically a FX 4350 + R7 260

And PS4 is basically a FX 4350 + R7 265

The XBO is best suited for 720p - 900p gaming on high settings, and the PS4 is best suited for 900p -1080p. None of those scream powerful (although exclusives are what will push the consoles beyond their means), and an extra $100 to the price could have made them much more capable consoles.

But that also meant they likely would have had to go to NVIDIA, because the PS4 was (and honestly it pretty much still is) based off AMD most powerful mobile GPU at the time the 7970m / R9 M290.

dp2774073104d ago

Aww why the edit Magicguy, did it take you awhile to think how to rephrase what you stupidly wrote into something that might make you look just a little better defending the brand you love.

P.S. I hate you for making my comment less relevant.

kduplessis073104d ago

It's not far weaker then the ps4 marginally weaker lol stop trolling.

user99502793104d ago

ps4 is a hundred billion times more powerful than Xbox One. PS4 is a supercomputer from the future and Xbox uses punch cards. Please believe me!

Did I ever mention that you ppl suck?

Cueil3104d ago

it's marginally more powerful... acting like the PS4 has a R9 290x2

k2d3104d ago

I'm a PS4 supporter any day of the week, but developers are spreading the butter to thin. On PS4 and Xbox One alike. I'd much rather they focus more on IQ and artstyle, rather than chasing 1080p. We just gotta admit. Neither of these consoles can compete with what's on the graphics market. It's not even a competition.

Seafort3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


"Strange that they opted to use DDR5 RAM in the PS4 though when even the newest PC motherboards are only using DDR4."

I can't believe you just typed that.

DDR5 doesn't even exist yet.

You're thinking of GDDR5 which is video RAM not system RAM like DDR3 or DDR4.

Xbox One uses DDR3 for the unified memory and PS4 uses GDDR5 for it's unified memory. Both are used on current PCs.

Btw both consoles are weaker than they should be if they wanted to have 1080p 60fps as default this gen.

No wonder there has been quite a few graphical downgrades from AAA developers. The consoles just can't perform as the developers wanted. Get used to it it's not going to change till the new consoles are released.

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Crimzon3104d ago

The sad thing is that a lot of people are having an argument about which console is more powerful without stopping to think that maybe both console versions of The Division will have performance problems. I wouldn't be surprised if the PC version ran poorly either, Ubisoft doesn't have a great track record when it comes to this kinda thing, do they?

There's been plenty of multiplatform games that have struggled to run on both the XB1 and the PS4. Examples are Assassins Creed Unity, The Witcher 3, Just Cause 3 etc. which ran terribly on both consoles. Trying to argue over one being better than the other is pointless seeing as they've both had their fair share of performance problems.

solar3104d ago

What about Sony? developers have to confirm resolutions and/at what fps's. Mark Cerny said the Ps4 was a "Supercharged PC!". it isnt. it is just as laughable hardware wise was the XB1. stop being stupid.

AngelicIceDiamond3104d ago

Before the resolution was release ppl were saying it looked fairly good. Turns out its Sub HD now the X1 version looks bad and is a super weak console now (or again) and the usual every day mud sling. *Rolls eyes

decrypt3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Well if the XB1 is weak hardware then really even the PS4 in PC terms isnt much better either.

XB1 is about 1.3 teraflops
PS4 is about 1.8 teraflops
GTX 960 is 2.3 teraflops (GTX 960 costs about 180usd)
GTX 980 is about 5 teraflops (costs 460usd)
GTX 980 ti 5.6 teraflops (650usd)

So there we go in PC terms both the PS4 and XB1 are pretty much in the same boat. Even lower end PC hardware is far ahead of both the XB1 and PS4. Now before someone goes on and talks about console optimization. Its funny but a GTX 750ti which is about a 125usd gpu outperforms the PS4 in a game like Witcher 3.

Locknuts3104d ago

It's a little bit weaker than PS4, but both get smoked by any current low to midrange gaming PC. Both MS and Sony dropped the ball on the hardware.

0to1003104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

i wouldn't say it's far weaker at all, all games look the same except the pixel count. Just distance textures would look slightly less defined... i wouldn't say it's another level ahead lol

you can talk tech specs all day the end result shows they are both always going to look the same except it'll be 900p vs 1080p. And frankly if peoples gaming choice is more about graphics then go pc.