MTV Multiplayer: Diablo III Designer: 'Diablo III' Gender Choice A 'Big Debate'

The art direction and selection of character classes weren't the only topics disputed heavily among the "Diablo III" team.

Unlike the previous games, every controllable character in "Diablo III" can be male or female. Sound innocuous? Lead designer Jay Wilson told me the gender option was the result of "quite a big debate."

For those who aren't familiar with past "Diablo" titles, the character classes were either one gender or the other - the Necromancer was male, the Amazon was female, the Barbarian was male, etc. Like the desaturated art style and the inclusion of old character classes, some "Diablo III" team members wanted to stick with the familiar one-gender archetypes.

And why was that?

"These [characters] are not people; they are so far above the normal civilians because that's the tone of the game," Wilson explained. "We really wanted the classes to be archetypal, and we wanted them to stand out from the world as a stark contrast."

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Young Puzzle3713d ago

you should be able to choose.....nuff said

Mr4023713d ago

How folks are nitpicking about at least in my mind minimal changes that Blizz is trying with this game. Brighter colors and more detailed environments??? Oh heavens no we cant have that! You can pick the gender of your class???? Say it isn't so!!! Geez why cant folks just be happy they are making a new one? It's just like people crying about Fallout 3. Bethesda didn't have to aquire the license and make it. We would be just where we started waiting and wondering about if anyone ever would. I'm just happy that I will be able to play both in the near future. Heck it's a wonder Blizz is doing anything other then WoW with it's huge success. Be thankful folks.