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The gameplay itself is largely intact from the original Resistance. There are a few things however that felt downgraded – at least from what the demo gives the impression of so far. The Chimera themselves seem to play more like the Human characters now. The Human side basically has the same benefits as the Chimera. All characters are able to use one of several special Chimera abilities called "Berserk."

Berserk powers are different depending on which side you're on, but you are able to choose your weapon load-out and powers from the get-go. Berserk powers include things like invisibility (while not firing), increased health recovery, more ammo dropped and the like. A Chimera player starts out with one hedgehog grenade this time as well. While this evens the playing field, it feels like it sort of goes against what the first Resistance tried to accomplish.

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rogimusprime3714d ago

like this guy is a bit of a hater.

I didn't play multi on the first resistance, but I would agree having access to more than two weapons was nice, especially since I haven't seen ONE game where the person shooting you RUNS out of ammo. Since youre usually fighting 5 or so people at a would be nice to have more than two weapons.

May 2 weapons and a side arm?

Anyway, we'll see what happens when the final game drops...

Hagaf223714d ago

the first resistance is the game that got me addicted to online gaming, it was my first ps3 game and ever since a huge part of my decision to buy a game is based on its online, either way i will support insomniac by purchasing this game, but im sure it will be great and stand out in an overly crowded genre.

Esena3714d ago

Yea man...I was actually reluctant about purchasing resistance 1 because I really wasn't a fan of FPS games. But playing resistance online simply changed my mind... :)

juuken3714d ago

I haven't played the first Resistance yet-I still need to get it. But I will be picking up Resistance 2.

I agree though-the guy sounds like he hated the game so far.

StephanieBBB3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Multiplayer = Singelplayer

In multiplayer you have to adjust the balance in weapons and other tings to maintain the fun and reduce the overpowered stuff that makes the game un-even.

In singelplayer you can have everything you like. An A-bomb that blows half the map away is not overpowered as your opponents are ment to die with ease. If you would have this in multiplayer then the game would have had that part broken.

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mfwahwah3714d ago

^ I like that.

Overall, it seems like it's just too early to judge the game. I'll judge it myself in the beta though.

TVC153714d ago

too lazy to explain in detail hence the open zone comment

but not only is it nothing special, the level design is awful

silverchode3714d ago

too lazy to explain in detail hence the open zone comment

but not only is it nothing special, the level design is awful.

NegativeCreep4273714d ago

YOU MAMA was terrible!
too lazy to explain in detail hence the open zone comment

but not only is IT nothing special, the level design (FOREPLAY) is awful

Sony Rep3714d ago

We here at the Sony offices needed a good laugh.

"Gears of War 2's story will be more bigger, better, and badasser than the second coming of Jesus." - Qliffy B-Boy ;D

^^Now that's funny. :D:D :| Gaeys of Butt Wars=/= story :D

-Sony Rep

SpecialSauce3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

but i'll explain. i thought it took way to long to kill people online. the graphics were good for a launch title but they had a yellow tint to them that pissed me off. i hated how chimera had different powers and could not crouch. i also felt that everyone ran to fast. when to many people join in online game it got crowed and boring. the friend list wouldn't go to my psn friend list. i also did not like how the weapons just floated in the air. the whole online mode was way to fast paced. SP however was good fun. and no split screen for online why do soooo many games lack this? i'm actually questioning buying the second one because i feel it will have the same problems. i'm not saying the game is bad im just saying it's not for me plus way to many better games comming out like killzone, LBP, socom, gears of war 2.

snoopgg3713d ago

too lazy to state why, so I won't!!!!!

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jkhan3714d ago

I do agree the option of carrying all the weapons was cool. Shaking the controller for melee might seem to work. About the strategy part well we have to see what other modes are there.
This game is so freakin huge on content. It will be hard for press just to get a hold of multiplayer & singleplayer. I mean we still haven't seen anything about 8 player coop, that's a totally separate campaign & expect it to be around 6-8 hours long. Plus they must have around 6-8 different modes in Multiplayer & they haven't really discussed any. Plus the huge singleplayer game.

MvmntInGrn3714d ago

The only bad part was the weapons, one of the best aspects of the first was you could carry whatever you found, and seeing as the battles are still huge and now even more chaotic I think they should keep the same system.

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