Ripten Hands-On Preview: NERF N-Strike

Ripten writes: "Think of NERF N-Strike as E-rated training wheels ("rails," actually, since it's a rail-shooter) for more mature first-person shooters. Aimed at 8-12 year old boys, the game features a squad of robot-recruited teens equipped with the foam arrow guns we all grew up with. In fact, the peripheral pistol doubles as both a functioning NERF gun and Wiimote cradling game controller.

In addition to the single player campaign, where Bob the robot picks up Shane after an impressive arcade performance to train for Elite Striker-hood, up to four players can play 24 events (not only rail shooting, but also Galaga-esque wave destruction and Boom Blox-type games) with 25 different blasters (12 of which are actual Hasbro designs, with 13 originals created with Hasbro's approval.)"

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