Disaster: Day of Crisis Release Date Speculation

Yesterday brought the news that Nintendo's oft-delayed 2nd party title Disaster: Day of Crisis, under development by Monolith, had been given a classification by Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) ratings board. This has helped to renew hopes that the game will actually see release, since it seems likely that the board would only be asked to review and classify the game if it were on the verge of completion.

But, if you have been anxiously awaiting this title, this only intensifies an already nagging question: When will Disaster actually be released?

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TruthbeTold3714d ago

Hope is all we have these days regarding this game, so this is welcome news to me.

Nugan3714d ago


I couldn't find info on the average time between when a game is OFLC certified and its release on any of the forum threads or news stories about the classification, so when I finished digging around for my only benefit, I figured it might be worth sharing.