Lowered Expectations: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Hardcore Gamer: Despite the fact that hundreds of games release every year, the vast majority tend to go ignored by the gaming populace at large. Whether this is a failing of marketing, critical drubbing or just not living up to the expansive heights that we as gamers crave, the bargain bins are littered with titles that go unnoticed or maligned. With Lowered Expectations, we scrape the craggy underbelly of releases gone by to see if a change of perspective can reveal something worthwhile.

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Skate-AK1948d ago

I played this game when it released on 360 and I actually enjoyed it. The game was super short but it was really cool bending the bullets and all that. I was thinking of picking it up for PS3 so I can get the Platinum trophy. I am sure the game is super cheap now.

traumadisaster1948d ago

One of the few games I actually finished, the short length had something to do with that. I remember it being fun.

robtion1948d ago

Great movie. Love the Keyboard scene.