PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Global Lifetime Sales – December 2015 Update

VGChartz' William D'Angelo writes: "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U in December 2015 shows how the PlayStation 4 has continued to grow its lead over the Xbox One and Wii U, outselling both of them combined. The Xbox One in turn continues to increase its lead over the Wii U.

The PlayStation 4 passed the 35 million mark, the Xbox One passed the 19 million mark, and the Wii U passed the 12 million mark. The PS4 has sold 35.79 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 19.43 million units, and the Wii U 12.47 million units.

Taking a look at the marketshare, the PlayStation 4 tops the other two platforms combined. The PlayStation 4 has 53 percent market share, the Xbox One sits at 29 percent, and the Wii U 18 percent.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 35,785,457

Xbox One Total Sales: 19,430,872

Wii U Total Sales: 12,466,964"

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PhoenixUp2321d ago

The PS4 continues to be undertracked by VGC.

It's nice to see that all the consoles passed a milestone in December

trunkswd2321d ago

I believe Sony's figures were through January 3rd, while VGChartz is through January 2nd. That could be the reason for the slight difference in sales.

GreatnessDelay2321d ago

PS4 ~36mil, X1 ~20mil. 2016 hopefully PS4 2:1 X1 ratio.

S2Killinit2321d ago

they have under tracked by 1.8 million in the past and they continued to undertake them until later estimates of MS were inferred from what little information MS gives out about their numbers, only then did they update their PS4 numbers along with MS's just estimated numbers. I believe they do this because the closer the race is the more clicks VGChartz gets, if the gap gets too wide, then VG becomes redundant.

PhoenixUp2321d ago

No Sony's PS4 figures ended at Dec 31, 2015 with a total of 35.9 million sold. VGC is undertracking the console

trunkswd2321d ago

"PS4 has now cumulatively sold through more than 35.9 million units globally as of January 3, 2016."

TFJWM2321d ago

They might be slightly undertracking Sony, but I think the bigger deal has always been that for the PS4 they have sold thru numbers while for Xbox1 they always matched their shipped numbers...

2321d ago
TFJWM2321d ago

"Also according to you MS keeps millions of units in it's warehouses when they mean by shipped or you mean that it's shipped on consignment to the channel who will just sit on those units? Kindly clarify"
Not sure where I mentioned any numbers let alone millions of units. But to clarify yes MS counts every unit that shipped in their #s so if it Amazon bought it or is sitting in a best buy it is counted(when they still released numbers that is...), While Sony numbers are in an actual customer's hand.

Both companies have stated this is how they track them...If you want to say they are lying that is on you but it would be illegal to deceive their shareholders

AndrewLB2321d ago

Please don't spread inaccurate information. Sony themselves said that these are sales estimates based on products shipped and the sampling ended on January 3rd, 2016.

TFJWM2321d ago

@AndrewLB "AndrewLB + 35m ago
Please don't spread inaccurate information. Sony themselves said that these are sales estimates based on products shipped and the sampling ended on January 3rd, 2016. "

Maybe follow your own advice about spreading inaccurate information...

Where does it say that it is shipped numbers to retailers, it says retail sales to consumers...

"Number of retail sales to consumers is estimated by SCEI. PS4 sales data in Japan and Asia collected 11/23/2015 – 1/3/2016, in North America, Europe and Latin America collected 11/22/2015 – 1/2/2016."

"Number of retail sales to consumers is estimated by SCEI. Sales data in Japan collected 2/22/2014 – 1/3/2016, in North America collected 11/15/2013 – 1/2/2016, in Europe and Latin America collected 11/29/2013 – 1/2/2016, and in Asia collected 12/17/2013 – 1/3/2016. Does not include add-on content."

uth112320d ago

VGC total for PS4 is off by 0.3% then, that's not undertracking, it's pretty dead on IMO.

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bf0007779662321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

at this rate ps4 is going to overtake xb1 2:1 and wiiu 3:1 some point in 2016

trunkswd2321d ago

PS4 should easily achieve that by the end of the year. I see it getting to 55m-60m by the end of the year.

UKmilitia2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

it probably already is if you counted xbox sold.
a few friends work in game shops near me and always high stock of xbox in and always on sale(really cheap at times)

infact so cheap i bought one at xmas.

500gb console (which has about 350gb lol)
fifa 16
black ops 3
rare replay
years live
years ea access

£240,that was bought last novemeber

skratchy2321d ago

I could definitely see that happening.

medman2321d ago

It already has, and probably by a few million at this point. VG chartz overtracks xbox one, and undertracks PS4.

butchertroll2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

PS4 already is 2 : 1 WW vs. Xbone

11.1 mil. Xbone in US and 2.3 mil in UK, 160k Japan and China combined...That's a 13.5 mil. When you also count bigger markets in Europe : Germany, France, Spain, where is Xbone around 1 mil. combined to date, well, ROTW.... 18 mil. - 18.5 mil. is a max. number. Really can't be above. PS4 outselling Xbone in every country WW. PS4 has biiiig lead in Europe : from 70% - 90% marketshare.

Xbone is officially selling in 42 countries.

MS always overstuffing their channels. You could buy Ass Creed Xbone bundle during Summer on Amazon.

VGChartz overtracking Xbone sales.

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Herbalistic2321d ago

The PS4 is in competition with itself at this point in terms of market share & breaking records.

Eonjay2321d ago

Naaw, PS4 is in a competition with the PS2.
Thats the real battle.

tmisellati2321d ago

i Agree
ps4's main competitor is the PS2 now

Ferrethat222321d ago

PS4 is destroying Xbone. Phil Spencer has failed.

Bathyj2321d ago

Thats not necessary man. Phil has done a great job of turning it around. XBOne would be well and truly dead by now if not for the change of direction hes provided. Instead, its just coming second, and still doing very well.

Celebrate Sonys success by all means, but there is such a thing as being a bad winner.

TheCommentator2321d ago

Well said! MS is still selling more XB1's than its previous consoles, is working on more new and exclusive IP than ever before, and is still improving the console nearly every month.

Keltech2321d ago

You see how our community is commentator. We are fair and don't spread any misinformation. You should push ur community to be the same. You can start by stoping the spread of that PR that the xb1 is selling better then the previous console. That line was mentioned January 2014 by MS, because xb1 sold 1million units in Dec2013. MS hasn't said anything like that since then, but you guys keep saying it 'till this day. The fact is you dont know if it's really selling better than the x360.

...and well said bathyj

Kiwi662321d ago

Prove he failed as even though xb1 doesn't do ps4 numbers, that doesn't make it a failure , not selling any would be a failure yet believe it not xb1 is still selling much it seems , to the horror of fanboys who have no interest in owning one

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2321d ago
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PSN_ZeroOnyx2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

PS4 is dominating sales and any semirational person here knows that and acknowledges this as fact. However, X1 is doing better now than at launch. Replacing Don with Phil was a Godsend for fans of Xbox. Now he just needs to be honest and straightforward with actual "sold through" numbers(M$'s call here not Phil's), other than that X1 is in better hands.

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jokerisalive2321d ago

PS4 is dominating and I wonder how many more things MS will try to do to remain competitive at this point. Halo 5 didnt do much in terms of closing the gap and I dont know if Gears 4 will do much either for them. Just really crazy how far ahead PS4 is at this point with all the things MS has tried to do with BC, Halo 5, new IP's and such. The Gamers have made their choice and its PS4 by a landslide.

Youngindy212321d ago

Cool Story. I'd much rather have the console that continues to get new features, multiplayer exclusives, and new IPs than the console that is "popular".

TFJWM2321d ago

Well since both of those are the same system it works out perfectly...

GrubsterBeater2321d ago

Well.. considering PS4 has wayy more new IP's already and incoming this year, I fail to see your point.

By the way, I don't want new features and cool monthly updates, I just want games games games, and PS is delivering spledidly on that front, even more so than it's competition.

So, I still fail to see your point here..

Darkborn2321d ago

All those "new features" were already on PlayStation. Xbox1 had to play catch up. I fail to see your point. Also, ps4 has more exclusives, just saying.

lastking952321d ago

Xbox is doing everything it can. Xbox gamers been getting so many games and features but ps4 continue to outsell XO. Phil bring more and more great things to xbox making it one of the best experience ever but still lose in sales vs ps4.....keep up the good work ps4 sony wins and xbox gamers win lol. What will xbox do next? Xbox gets all these great things while ps4 continue dominating sales.

Chevalier2321d ago

There not just dominating sales. They have more new IP's, more 1st and 3rd party support and more games in general. So they're dominating in all the important aspects. Also they have top software sales as well.

andibandit2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


Wake me up when their first party starts developing some proper shooters.

Antifan2321d ago of the reasons why PS4 is selling better is because it has more IPs than Xbox. Go to the Wikipedia, over 30% more games than Xbox. 20% more exclusive IPs. This is a common fact.

Ruggadagod2321d ago

This is what happens when you let a Playstation console get ahead. Microsoft was wary of this when they competed with the PS2 and before the 360 came out which is why they tried so hard to stay ahead in early 7th gen.I guess Microsoft just isn't hungry anymore

Wii U? Well nobody takes the Wii U seriously. Nintendo home consoles are irrelevant now which makes me sad because the NES,SNES,N64,and GC were all good consoles.

ColonelHugh2321d ago

NES, SNES, 64, and GC WERE good, but NES and Super Nintendo were stellar. the late nineties showed that Nintendo was losing mindshare, and now, looking at their reflection in the rearview mirror, all you see is a shadow in the shape of your childhood.

I still support all of Nintendo's products, assured in their eventual revitalization, but I've been a little disappointed for the last 20 years.

Kalebninja2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Um irrelevant? Its just the Wii u people consider irrelevant, the Wii was beyond relevant where the ps3 and 360 couldn't even touch it and even though they're still making games on the other two they still haven't passed the Wii which was discontinued years ago. Then you look at the handheld consoles and vita is dead while 3ds tore it apart. They screwed up on Wii u but that doesn't mean whatever they are going to do isn't relevant.

OB1Biker2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Yea I think theres room for every thing Just like many of us enjoy the Vita (thats been called 'dead' for 2+ year on internet communities) I m sure many enjoy the Wii U. Actually I think if ever Id get a different console in addition thats not PS it d make more sense for me to buy Nintendo than xbox that would be more redundant (I think the same for xbox owners)

Knushwood Butt2320d ago

PS3 has shifted more software than Wii.

Kalebninja2320d ago

@Knushwood only after it was discontinued, ps3 still had/has games coming out.

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