Feature: 25 Games That Prove PlayStation Vita Ain't Dead Yet

Push Square: "Stop! Pack up that PlayStation Vita shaped coffin and plop your posterior on a pew: Sony's smallest system may not possess the unstoppable popularity of the PlayStation 4, but if going mainstream was really considered cool, then we'd all be rocking Bieber barnets and humming the chorus to Love Yourself. No one wants to do that, so who cares if the Vita's barely sold 10 million units – the little man that can's got game. Seriously, here are 25 upcoming titles that should be on your game-dar."

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RhymeNorReason1007d ago

Interesting article. But in actuality: it dead.

magiciandude1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

The games I want for it...

Digimon Story
Odin Sphere
Mighty no. 9
Hyper Light Drifter
God Eater 2

...I'm going to play on PS4/Xbox One.

The games on this list are good, but no way they're going to sell many Vita units. The PS Vita is entirely on life support with no system seller. This is just another list showing that.

"so who cares if the Vita's barely sold 10 million units"

Who cares if Sony dropped first party AAA support on it. Just look at all these games...

nodim1007d ago

So what, and I'm going to play them all on vita, I really advise you to buy one.

Junebug1007d ago

Well you would care that you commented on behalf that Sony will listen to you here... :/

maniacmayhem1006d ago

If these are the games that are coming to the Vita then what's the difference between this device and the WiiU?

fatalis951007d ago

It needs a monster hunter game to succeed in Japan and a Grand theft auto game over here.
So much more games i want for the vita, its fun to play on.

MeteorPanda1007d ago

oh we're finally getting god eater? YISSSS

Ferrethat221007d ago

PSVita has the best handheld gaming library hands down.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1007d ago

yeah if you only care about PS that is.

agame9141006d ago

I have to agree the psp was and is still awseome. I just wish the vita had the support to back it up like the psp did.

hobbes20991007d ago

If the 3DS didn't exist, your comment would be correct. Fortunately, it does and its library is downright astonishing.

agame9141007d ago

best handheld ever in my opinion

Junebug1006d ago

They are just sucking up to Nintendo because of first party games...

agame9141006d ago

That's makes no sense what so,ever

maniacmayhem1006d ago

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but yours is just so extremely wrong especially when the 3DS just kills this line up in every way possible.

Ferrethat221006d ago

Persona 4 golden is better than 90% of 3ds games kid. Add uncharted Golden abyss, Killzone mercenary, Freedom Wars, LBP, Wipeout, FFX, Soul sacrifice and many more and PSVita easily competes with 3ds.

Listen kid, it's okay to blindly hate on PSVita for no reason like u Nintendrone kiddies like to do, but you simply cannot question PSVita's incredible library of games. Doing so is ignorant

magiciandude1006d ago (Edited 1006d ago )

Killer library on 3DS that crushes Vita any day of the week IMO.

Animal Crossing New Leaf
Bravely Default
DOA Dimensions
Fire Emblem Awakening
Kid Icarus
Kirby Triple Deluxe
Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Mario & Luigi Paper Jam
Mario Kart 7
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Persona Q
Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire
Pokemon X & Y
Rune Factory 4
SMT Devil Summoner Soul Hackers
SMT Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker
SMT Devil Survivor Overclocked
Story of Seasons
Super Mario 3D Land
Zelda A link Between New Worlds
Zelda Majora's Mask
Zelda Ocarina of Time
Zelda Triforce Heroes

Plus so much more.

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