Susuki Integrates Xbox 360 on Concept Car's Dashboard

Susuki unveiled today its full-line of cars and SUVs at the 2006 San Diego International Auto Show. Its 2007 line-up includes the all-new XL7 midsize crossover SUV and the SX4 compact X-over.

The car manufacturer also has on display the SXBox, one of the company's all-new "Suzuki LIVE Series" brand-dedicated concept vehicles based on the 2007 SX4 that are specially designed for life enthusiasts, adventurers and thrill-seekers.

The SXBox is designed for video game enthusiasts. What console could Susuki choose for the SXBox other than the best selling next-gen system?

The SXBox is equipped with a dashboard-integrated Xbox 360 video game system, coupled with a close proximity digital projection system to display games or watch a HD DVD movie on the interior of the vehicle's retractable hood, which can be enabled by the push of a button.

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DEIx15x85251d ago

That sounds sweet but why would i want to sit in my car and play a game. THe back seat and rear screen set ups make sense but why give the front passengers stuff?