Operation Immortality: There is Another

Split-screen writes: "The site, despite being like any normal site, almost reads like the script from a sci-fi flick. 'Global Warming, bio-terrorism, errant asteroids, and genetic science gone awry could wipe humanity from the face of the Earth… [This] is a real once-in-a-lifetime event that will save a history of humanity's greatest achievements, digitised from human DNA and personal messages from people all around the world…'

"Still find it hard to stomach that voting 'The Simpsons' as second best TV show of all time will be the basis for humanity's second coming? Well, it's recently been announced that Scott Johnson, an acclaimed gymnast who led the US Men's Olympic gymnastics team to victory in 1984 and then in '88 before retiring, will add his DNA to the 'Immortality Drive' to be placed on the International Space Station on October 12th 2008."

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