GamePlasma: LEGO Batman Developer Q&A

GamePlasma was recently given the opportunity to have a chat with the developers of the latest LEGO video game, LEGO Batman. Batman is currently set to release on September 23rd and if you would like to have a look into the minds of the developers, then click Read more.

Q: With the success of the past two LEGO titles, LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indy,what made you decide to take on Batman?

A: It felt like a natural fit. LEGO had already been creating some fantastic Batman models which meant they had already designed some fantastic mini-figures from the Batman universe (the best they've ever done in my opinion). We're always looking for what could make a great LEGO adventure and the comic universe of Batman with these cool heroes and colorful villains presented a great opportunity. We're very pleased with how the LEGO Batman game looks and feels and it's our best yet!

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