Thunderbolt: Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy Review

Thunderbolt writes: "When was the last time you played an old-school arcade shooter? Come on, be honest. It's not like you've got much of a choice, anyway. Those titles are of a dying breed; considering the onslaught of hundred-hour RPGs and action-packed FPSs, it's little wonder why the old ways have essentially passed away. As a result, shooters have had to fall back on bland attempts at creating stories or generic anime characters to carry their appeal. Others have been reduced to nothing but a screen filled with a blend of neon bullets and psychedelic lighting effects, to distract you from the inconsistent hit detection. What happened to the days when you didn't need all of that fancy stuff? When it was okay just have a ship with a gun, a bunch of enemies trying to frag you from every direction, and a couple of powerups to see you through that last precious quarter you stuffed into the machine? Are such basic things not enough to be considered fun anymore? Don't count them out just yet. Blast Works adds a few new spins to what ."


* Remarkably creative twists on classic shooter gameplay.
* An incredibly powerful editing tool allows you to create your own levels.
* Online trading allows you to use other gamers' creations.
* Challenging and engaging on all difficulties.
* High-quality unlockable bonus games.


* Using the editor is complicated and can be difficult to utilize without patience or time investment.

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