Second PS3 back-ups video hits the internet

PS3-Sense writes "StreetskaterFU has published a second video of his PS3 backups hack to proof us all that it works. "Proof works online and showing inserted disk is motorstorm as proxy disc. When i eject disc, game quits like normal.", StreetSkaterFU said. The hack has been confirmed working by Mathieulh and Alek from the M33-team."

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rroded3804d ago

tho it looks like its coming sigh

Expy3804d ago

Your PSN is irrelevant they can ban your MAC address. And you must really be awful with Linux if you can get it to FREEZE.

kevnb3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

but so far, out of every console only xbox has been able to tell people were playing with a modded console. With the 360, they are only able to tell because some people were playing backups that were missing a few files. Have you even heard of anyone getting banned from online play with a any other console?

Cenobia3803d ago

This can't be real. He's just playing Warhawk, which you can download form the PS Store, and then quiting to the XMB where he scrolls through a bunch of downloadable titles that you can also buy on the PS Store. Am I supposed to believe that he's hacking because he has a motorstorm disc in? I can do the same exact thing as he did, and it's not difficult at all. In fact, its not hacking at all since the PS3 allows you to do everything he just showed.

This is the most retarded video I have ever seen. He's definitley not typing anything either. Just slapping his keyboard ever 5 seconds.

socomnick3804d ago

I hope they crack it I want homebrew and game backups on my ps3. I would have done this with my xbox but im scared of getting my xbox live gamer tag locked. With psn I just create another one for free it doesnt matter.

Nitrowolf23804d ago

they can still actually ban your other accounts.
i dont know but i heard that sometimes when you ban (depends n what you did) and your ccount it banned they can actually ban your system. i think it has to do withyour IP address

sak5003804d ago

They ban the system based on the MAC address of the network card in the 360. The gamertag/account is left alone and you can use it to access LIVE from another machine.

crck3804d ago

So go ahead and try this if it is real. I hope they ban your @ss. Who the hell needs PS3 back ups. Blu-ray discs are extremely hard to scratch and even if you do manage it they still play. Short of leaving it on the floor to step on this is purely for pirates.

ThanatosDMC3804d ago

You cheap ass dip$hit!

You're worthless.

f7897903804d ago

Nothing wrong with that. I want a hacked ps3 so I can play Nintendo games on it. I do not want to pull out a Nintendo or N64 everytime I want to play an old game.

tatical3804d ago (Edited 3804d ago )

"I hope they crack it I want homebrew and game backups on my ps3. I would have done this with my xbox but im scared of getting my xbox live gamer tag locked. With psn I just create another one for free it doesnt matter."


You can already use homebrew apps & games on the PS3 right now, WITHOUT as hack, just install Linux. A cracked PS3 would only be useful for game "backups". Just take care of your PS3 games and you won't need backups. Besides, Blu-Ray disc have a hard coating that makes them hard to scratch.

socomnick3804d ago

Already did that but the problem is linux is a bit too unstable on the ps3. it crashes alot , might be the lack of ram or because its ydl.

mfwahwah3804d ago

You can run emulators on a PS3 ya know. Just google it.

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Meus Renaissance3804d ago

How would this be feasible? Don't you need a Blu-Ray RW drive, and then download the actual games considering their size?

socomnick3804d ago

or perhaps you could rent the games , or borrow the games and they rip themselves into the hard drive?

Mr_Showtime13804d ago

The amount of time and money you would spend on it would be dumb anyway, people who pirate games shouln'y be called gamers, thier thiefs and cheapos.

And I'm sure Sony are not gona sit about and let people hack thier main platform, thier gona release a FW update to stop it anyway.

LevDog3804d ago

@ Above.. With older Consoles its possible to hack and stay hacked.. but with FW updates in todays consoles, I think it would be harder.. Sony could just keep releasing a "fix" for a hack after it comes out.. The hackers could try again or no DL the FW that "fixes" their hack.. Seems like a waste of time.. You take all the time to hack it, only to have Sony fix it.. then you dont DL the fixes cause you want the Hack.. but miss out on all the cool features FW updates bring..

Just doesnt seem worth it

CrazzyMan3804d ago

socomnick, and on x360 you can just DOWNLOAD a game from internet.
You don`t even need to rent it, isn`t that GREAT? =))

anyway, it`s good, that now you will be able to see, what the real NEXTGEN gaming is about. =) Get the PS3! =]

socomnick3804d ago

I have had a ps3 since launch and Imo the xbox 360s gaming library overwhelms the crap out of the ps3s. Both are great systems but the xbox 360 is just a better "gaming console" Multimedia wise the ps3 wins.

thereapersson3804d ago

So in reality, your statement about the 360's game library being way larger is wrong. Then again, most people only buy multiplatform games on the 360, so it doesn't matter much.

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Chandresh Patel3804d ago

Piracy and hacking is being promoted,you'd think they're legal or something.

MazzingerZ3804d ago

Exactly. I think this kind of articles don't belong here...back-ups is just a nice name for pirate copies.

I didn't buy a machine like the PS3 nor my Bravia TV to play pirate copies of games, pathetic...if you can't afford it then stay with your PS2 until you get a job or hackers get a real job and stop doing this stuff.

...the people that do this stupid things to their consoles are the ones complaining "ooohhh the new FW update broke my PS3"...idiots

Damphear3804d ago

people like you that b!tch like that get hacked by hackers.

i dont care about this topic cuz id rather have the disk and pay for the game.

sinncross3804d ago

its actually sad really that so many ppl want this to happen.

Can't ppl just buy their games?

Shane Kim3804d ago

I agree. I for example wouldn't dream of downloading a game by Mr.Kojima.

YoMeViet3804d ago

Yay if this works we can all download pirated versions of MGS4!.....just have to buy a Blu-Ray d download the game off the net (50BG or so).................OUCH!

Even if this does work I don't have the time or will to download games that far reach over 25GB...

CrazzyMan3804d ago

yeah, indian and chinese people, and other some poor east countries should NEVER enjoy HD gaming!
just because their average salary is ((300-400$)) at best case.

1500$ for 32" tv + ps3 = 40$ per month for 3 years.

Tabasco3804d ago

ahahah cute little spin you did there but this has nothing to do with us hating on the economically suffering population. Just because they could not originally afford it does not mean they should then illegally obtain it. Otherwise would we all have anything we wanted?

CrazzyMan3804d ago

"Otherwise would we all have anything we wanted?"
nope, only Virtual/Digital things you can get for free.)
you can`t steal intellectual property. =]

anyway, if there is a way for poor people enjoy HD gaming, does that hurts you? =)

Tabasco3804d ago

Of course it does. It like a domino effect. If these entertainment companies are getting hurt then there employees will then not receive there deserved pay increases or bonuses. In return they will now no be able to buy other products say automobiles. Then the same problem faces the automobile workers. It will be a continuing domino effect if this problem were to worse. Obviously its no where near this bad yet but the economy would collapse in the same way as the great depression before the stock market crashed. The bottom line is we shouldn't look the other way on an issue so simple but is being questioned because it is difficult to see who you are stealing from.

GIJeff3803d ago

you are very ignorant.

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