Warzone #11 - Is The Wii In Direct Competition With The 360 & PS3??

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On this episode we got into a huge debate over whether or not the Wii was competing with the 360 & PS3. This went on for a good 10 minutes and it's what the Warzone is all about. Also on this show:

- The effect EA has made on 2K gamers by stealing the NFL license
- We talk about Madden 09 and the improvements they've made
- Hiphopgamer trading his 360 review copy of Soul Calibur IV in for the PS3 version
- 360 Sales in Japan and the madness it's causing on the forums
- How to get yourself put in the next Dreamcast game by Yuan Works
- And much much more…"

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cellypower3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Nintendo Wii is making there own currency. On EA with madden, they no they can get away with it just by adding a few upgrades and tweaks and not taking the game to the next level and they know ppl will buy the game anyway.

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darkseid13739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Torrence and Hiphopgamer always tell it like it is. These guys really know what they're talking about, they are much better than those annoying editors from those big name gaming sites that talk crap, which I will refuse to refuse to name but I'm sure everyone in here know the sites that I'm referring to.After listening to Torrence and hiphopgamer today I just hope that every one can drop this fanboy nonsense and get on with their lives as true gamers, its becoming pretty pathetic.Video games never had a dramatic earth-shattering effect on anyones' lives. Please be GAMEBOYS and not FANBOYS.

DFresh3739d ago

That does suck from a sports game perspective.
EA is officially a monopoly of football and basketball games.
Smart business move on their part only way to play sports game is by giving EA your money.
It's also gonna be big on Sony's part because EA is using the PS3 has their main platform and that's gonna give Sony exposure when it comes to sport games.
Business w/ these firms do suck for gamers.
The only things I don't like about Qore and I'm a true Sony gamer is that in order to get the full package for games and betas you have to buy the annual subscription for $30.
At the time I didn't know WTF Qore was or what is could do so I just bought a single episode for $2.99 and the problem is once you buy a single episode the first time you can't access the annual subscription.
Also what sucks is the advertising on Qore say on Episode 1 when they were showing SOCOM Confrontation and giving you the beta they don't let you download it unless your an annual subscriber which sucks for me.
Same type of thing could be said w/ XBL. In order to play all your games online or arcade wise you have to always be online. In order to be online you have to pay MS a fee every single month in order to play any of your games which really sucks.
Meaning I can't play the games that I bought w/ out connecting online and in order to connect online I have to pay MS.
Also in order to get the full experience out of XBL I have to buy the gold membership which is $50/year.
I'd rather have Qore than XBL cuz at least I can still play all my games online or not without having to pay.
This is how business firms are they want money and they'll do whatever it takes to make sure that you pay that money.

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