Turbine talks console MMO

Recently, Destructoid had the opportunity to talk to Adam Mersky, Director of Communcations at Turbine, about an unannounced MMO title for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 currently in development at Turbine. Details are extremely limited at this time, but Mersky was encouraging when talking about the development of the ongoing project.

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TheDeadMetalhead3714d ago

But they don't have to. I can't understand how no console has been able to deliver a quality MMO (with the exeption of FFXI). If a console MMO was released with all of the things that are good about a PC MMO, then it would be one helluva game.

Let's look at some qualities that a console MMO would need to succeed on the level of a PCMMO.

1. Endless Content

One of the things that keep so many people hooked on MMOs is the seemingly endless level of playability that comes with it. There's alwaya something new for you to discover in the game. And now would be as good a time as ever to implement this because the PS3, the 360, and even possibly the Wii, could all use DLC as a major advantage here.

2. Chatting with other people

Another main hook is the ability to easily chat with other people. If they could somehow make a keyboard attachment for the system they're working with (assuming it doesn't already have one) then people could talk quickly and easily in-game. Or, better yet. Just use Voice Chat as a feature.


And this one's a big deal, too. If I already bought the system, bought the game, and (if it was the 360) am paying for the online service, I'm not going to want to have to pay more money just to play the game! Especially considering the fact that Gas Prices are through the roof and the Economy's basically crashed, then this would really help the success of the game.

If the game developers remembered these 3 important details, then yeah. They could make a pretty damn good Console MMO.

The Agency looks promising. But I'll wait for the reviews, first.