UGO: The Godfather II First Look Impressions

UGO: "The revelation that Electronic Arts is working on a sequel to their well-made film-to-game adaptation of The Godfather has us worried. On the one hand, we desperately want to know more about how the more modern setting will affect the previous game's "bleed the city dry" approach to extortion and organized crime dominance. On the other hand, we can't help but remember Michael Corleone's chillingly veiled threat to his wife, uttered in the first film: "Don't ask me about my business." Curiosity won out of course – helped along by the fact that this is, you know, a video game – as we braved the crowds to bring you this early glimpse at EA's The Godfather II.

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ForROME3714d ago

This game looks like garbage, barely looks better than Vice City on original Xbox....EA you are ruining a great license, whats new...