GameSpy: SimCity Creator Wii Preview

The SimCity series and Nintendo have a bit of a history together. The original game was one of the first releases for the Super NES back in 1991. That same game was also one of the first releases on the Wii's Virtual Console when the system launched. That's why it's great to see this new, Nintendo-exclusive SimCity game, SimCity Creator.

Some would argue that the more recent SimCity games for the PC (SimCity 4, for example), have gotten a little too complex for their own good. The earlier entries could easily be enjoyed by just about anyone, but the newer, more complicated titles seem to be made for the most hardcore players. With Creator, the series is being brought back to the mass market, allowing it to be enjoyed by fans of all ages groups.

Classic SimCity simulation gameplay; good use of the Wii Remote.

There's a chance that the action might be too simplified.

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