Bayonetta 2 re-releasing as standalone game this February

Originally released in 2014, Bayonetta 2 will be re-released as a standalone game to coincide with Bayonetta's inclusion in Super Smash Bros.

KimikoGaming2818d ago

Glad I got the original release that comes with both games

Neonridr2818d ago

absolutely, I missed out on the first game, so getting both together was a wicked bonus.

Philface2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

That's true. But you get the game for 30$ now. BTW great game.

Cindy-rella2817d ago

Great game with wasted potential by not being on xbox one and ps4. It wouldnt have been too bad if it was a success on only the wii u but it is a failure saleswise. This game needs to be on xbox one, pc and ps4

Neonridr2817d ago

@Cindy-rella - considering how many copies it sold on only the Wii U vs how many copies Bayonetta 1 sold on the 360 and PS3, I would say it did quite well.

DivineAssault 2818d ago

Yup! Even if i didnt have a wii u, i wouldve bout the game & bought the system later..

callahan092817d ago

Was the original release a single disc with both games on 1 disc, or 2 discs (1 for each game), or was the first game included as a digital copy with a code in the box??? (Trying to decide if I want to buy the new release next month or seek out the original release)

Concertoine2817d ago

The original release came with both games on separate discs (In the US). In Europe i believe only the special edition had Bay 1, but it also came in its own box.

jcnba282818d ago

Great for those who missed it - the game is fantastic.

contradictory2817d ago

3rd party game for Wii U that's actually AWESOME?!?!
how unorthodox! ..seriously a great sequel. Was a bit odded out that it's a Wii U exclusive but it did everything i hoped from a sequel so i'm just glad it got made

( before you say it i know Nintendo had a hand in making this game a reality in the first place)

higgins782818d ago

On a side note - Bayonetta 2 is NEVER coming to either Microsoft and/or Sony console, both now or future...mark my words.

DigitalRaptor2818d ago

Ummmmm... why are you saying this as though we need to mark your words?

This has been obvious for well over 12 months.

higgins782817d ago

Don't know about "obvious". To you perhaps. Just wanted to make the point - as to underline another stellar exclusive in Nintendo's locker.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2817d ago

not obvious enough to some LOL or should I say many LOL

Skate-AK2817d ago

And SF5 is only going to a Sony console. Not Nintendo or Xbone. Sunset Overdrive is only on Xbone and will never come to PS4 or NX. Its not a big deal, every console has its great exclusives.

hatsume-miku2817d ago

I think he was saying that because everytime there is a bayo2 article people came claiming it should come to PS4/X1.

higgins782817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Yes, SF5 looks to be another excellent game in a great series...but since I own SF4 Ultra for my VERY modestly specced PC - which runs flawlessly at 60fps - I think I wont be missing too much, even if it is admittedly a miss for the Wii U.

Sunset Overdrive!? The XB1 has some good exclusives, and you choose to use Sunset Overdrive as your best example...

GordonKnight2817d ago

That's the reason my TV has all three hooked up to it!!!

The power of three consoles makes third party games almost seem irrelevant.

Skate-AK2817d ago

Sunset Overdrive is actally a good example you just don't realise it. I wasn't using it as example for quality. Insomniac usually made Sony games but all the sudden made a Xbox exclusive. Plaitnum usually made mutiplat but all the sudden decided to do a Wii U exclusive. I know they did Wonderful 101 but I am talking AAA games.

GordonKnight2817d ago

Didn't Sony and Microsoft snub platinum games with financial support for bayonetta 2. The game wouldn't exist, but Nintendo stepped in and backed it.

WickedLester2817d ago

And based on its sales, nobody gives a shit.

deathtok2817d ago

Publishers aren't in the habit of re-releasing games that sold poorly.

Kalebninja2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

it sold a million and considering that the Wii U itself only sold 12 million and is a mostly casual platform it sold really well.

Kombatologist2817d ago

Why even point this out? It seems like you're just trying to flamebait.

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TheColbertinator2818d ago

Awesome. Glad Ninty is doing another printing. Good game,lost in hatred and jealousy

Gwiz2818d ago


Combine sales of the PS3 and Xbox 360 first game.
This game was never going to be a success on one system.

browngamer412817d ago

SMH- so I guess it shouldn't have been made then huh? You pretty much just made TheColbernator's point..

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2817d ago

got to remember it sold 700K to a userbase of 12m vs combined user of 160m of the first game that sold 2m.

That terrible.

Gwiz2817d ago

I'm not implying it shouldn't have been made lol,it did poorly because it did lacking on a larger userbase.Jealousy and hatred had nothing to do with it.