Giant Bomb First Look: The Godfather II

GB reports:

''While I enjoyed EA's first game based on The Godfather, it ultimately wasn't much more than a GTA clone adorned with the trappings of probably the most famous crime movie ever. It was an effective combination, but in the wake of Grand Theft Auto IV, open-world games like that need more to set themselves apart. EA's doing some interesting stuff with The Godfather II, which I got to see in action for the first time at the publisher's Redwood Shores headquarters.

The Godfather II seems to play pretty fast and loose with the fiction of the film, perhaps even more so than the last game. While the movie split time between two different eras of the Corleone crime family, the upcoming game will focus entirely on the Michael Corleone era. You'll conduct family business in New York, Florida, and Cuba, but the time the game takes place has been pushed up from from the 1950s to the 1960s, a choice that the game's creative director Mike Perry said was made for aesthetic reasons. You'll interact with characters like Fredo Corleone and Tom Hagan (voiced once again by Robert Duvall) but beyond that, it doesn't sound like the game will follow the events of the film.''

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