Worthplaying Preview: Sonic Unleashed

WP reports:

''It's tough being a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, particularly an older one. You've had to see a series you love slide into craziness. Broken cameras, unoptimized code, unnecessary characters, loss of vision and principle, angst and motorcycles … the list of missteps goes on and on.

At the same time, you get to see the series flourish with a brand and style of gaming that no other company on earth has been able to mimic yet. When a Sonic game gets things right, it really gets things right, and there's nothing else like it. One has to only look at last year's Sonic Rush Adventure, a masterpiece of Sonic gaming we haven't had since the days of the Genesis.

Never has the dichotomy of the Sonic series been put more on showcase than in this year's Sonic Unleashed. Take a new development arm of Sonic Team (we can only assume that much of the team behind Sonic 2006 got the boot from the franchise so fast they're still dislodging it), add a game engine that Sega's been developing for over three years (all in their mascot's name, it would seem - it's dubbed the "Hedgehog Engine," of all things), finally ditch a good deal of the gameplay missteps brought about by the series' jump to 3-D, and here we are.''

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